Ne-Yo Blasts Pop Music Critics On ‘Angie Martinez Show’


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    Ne-Yo stars in his ‘Let Me LoveYou (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)’ video.

    Don’t criticise Ne-Yo for crossing over into the realm of Pop music because he will take off his earrings and scratch out your eyes. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but he did seem extra angry during his recent interview on ‘The Angie Martinez Show’.

    Ne-Yo rebuffed claims that he has abandoned his R&B fanbase and made it very clear that he is simply growing as an artist. According to the man himself, he knows his market and he will continue to experiment with his sound. Read what he had to say below:

    I normally don’t do this. I’ve officially declared myself above the B.S. in regard to bloggers and people that say silly stuff on blogs. I need to get at some people directly.

    Somebody said something along the lines of, ‘How can you say that R&B is still alive when you’ve crossed over into this pop world?’ and that kind of upset me because what ya’ll don’t understand is that it was R&B that gave me the platform to even be able to do a song like ‘Let Me Love You,’ to do a song like ‘Closer,’ a song like ‘Beautiful Monster,’ the Calvin Harris record [‘Let’s Go’].

    I know where I came from. I know that R&B is where it started at for me. When this new album comes out, it will shut the mouths of everybody who feels like I have ‘crossed over.’

    I’ve just paid attention to the fact that I have a very broad fan base. I have my diehard R&B fans, I got my pop fans. This album is an equal mix of both. If there’s six R&B records, then there’s six pop records so that everybody can come to the same damn concert and stay for the whole damn show.”

    There isn’t much that can be said about this situation because Ne-Yo clearly understands the business and he explained himself very well. All he needs to worry about is making a better album than ‘Libra Scale’ or else interviews like these will be our only opportunities to hear him on the radio. Honestly, Ne- sorry, what’s that you said Big Ang?

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    • Benron

      Neyo needs to STFU and make that hit with Rihanna for her next album.

    • Elyse

      Mariah take note.

    • Ugh

      no one cares about your music Ne-Yo

    • Jeweley girl

      I don’t know why Libra Scale failed, but i like a few songs
      from that album. I think people are just tired of the pop
      dance type of music.

    • MmmHmm


    • mobwife

      What is the problem? Why is that only BLACK ARTISTS are pegged with this bullsh*t? Did whity or stupid blacks tell Amy WineHouse, Josh Stone or the sainted Adele that their music was too SOUL/R&B based? Hell NO, they purchased it, reviewed it without malice, and play it non-stop! Stop dogging your own ppl black folks or THERe WILL BE KNOW BLACKS LEFT IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY BLACK PPL!

    • Cranberry

      @Jeweley girl, the only people that are tired of the pop dance type music are the closed minded R&B fans that can’t comprehend anything beyond said genre.

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