Miguel Unveils ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ Album Track List


    Miguel promo TheLavaLizard
    Miguel stars in his ‘Adorn’ video.

    Miguel is wasting no time when it comes to the promotion of his new album, ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’. In fact, although the record is still months away from its October 2nd debut, the crooner has already released its including track list.

    Preceded by the ‘Kaleidoscope Dream: Water Preview’ and the soon to be released ‘Kaleidoscope Dream: Air Preview’, which is due on September 11th, the full ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ album comprises only eleven songs. Among those tunes are the lead single, ‘Adorn’, and a track entitled ‘Pussy is Mine’. I have no comment regarding the latter.

    See the ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ track list below:

    1. Adorn
    2. Don’t Look Back
    3. Use Me
    4. Do You…
    5. Kaleidoscope Dream
    6. The Thrill
    7. How Many Drinks?
    8. Where’s the Fun in Forever?
    9. Arch & Point
    10. Pussy Is Mine
    11. Candle in the Sun

    Watch Miguel’s ‘Adorn’ video below:

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