US Charts: Jennifer Lopez ‘Hits’ Low Point


    Jennifer Lopez greatest hits TheLavaLizard
    Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Dance Again: The Hits’ cover.

    Jennifer Lopez experienced a career resurgence on the US charts since accepting her now former judging role on ‘American Idol’ but that success has been proven to be limited to the Billboard Hot 100. Indeed, similar to her ‘Love?’ album, the diva’s ‘Dance Again: The Hits’ has flopped.

    ‘Dance Again: The Hits’ has entered the Billboard 200 at #20 this week with lowly sales of 13K copies. The record, which was cross-promoted with the heavily plugged ‘Step Up Revolution’ movie, was preceded by the title track lead single as well as its followup, ‘Goin’ In (Ft. Flo Rida)’.

    As proof of her new status as a singles act, the title track has grossly outperformed ‘Dance Again: The Hits’ by selling over 954K downloads in just 17 weeks. To date, the song has peaked at #17 on the Hot 100. So, what does the future hold for Lopez? Well, without a slot on ‘Idol’, she might be returning to the block.

    See the leading releases in the top 10 of both Billboard 200 and the Hot 100 below:

    Billboard 200

    1. Zac Brown Band – ‘Uncaged’ – 48K (total: 361K)

    2. Nas – ‘Life is Good’ – 45K (total: 194K)

    3. Gaslight Anthem – ‘Handwritten’ – 40K (debut)

    4. Passion Pit – ‘Gossamer’ – 37K (debut)

    5. Various Artists – ‘Kidz Bop 22′ – 35K (total: 99K)

    6. Justin Bieber – ‘Believe’ – 35K (total: 684K)

    7. One Direction – ‘Up All Night’ – 33K (total: 1.04M)

    8. Frank Ocean – ‘channel ORANGE’ – 33K (total: 218K)

    9. Adele – ’21′ – 30K (total: 9.63 M)

    10. Maroon 5 – ‘Overexposed’ – 23K (total: 387K)


    Billboard Hot 100

    1. Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Call Me Maybe’

    2. Katy Perry – ‘Wide Awake’

    3. Maroon 5 – ‘Payphone (Ft. Wiz Khalifa)’

    4. Flo Rida – ‘Whistle’

    5. Ellie Goulding – ‘Lights’

    6. Gotye’s – ‘Somebody That I Used to Know (Ft. Kimbra)’

    7. Rihanna – ‘Where Have You Been’

    8. David Guetta – ‘Titanium (Ft. Sia)’

    9. Usher – ‘Scream’

    10. Pink – ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’

    Watch the video for Lopez’s ‘Goin’ In’ below:


    • Nicole

      It’s Step Up Revolution. But J.Lo should go back to acting, music was never her strong point; she made some really good songs, but her vocals were never there which is why her musically career is the way it is

    • Shea Butter

      ….LMAO@ She may be returning to the block!!

    • Doo Whoop

      Remember the time when she made songs with Ja Rule, Nas etc… she was at the top of the world back then. Sad.

    • X

      I wish she would go back to making music with actual substance, instead of opting to “go orangutan – bananas.” (I still can’t believe that’s an actual lyric.

    • Ugh

      oh i didn’t even know she had a hits album. Her songs aren’t bad but it seems like people just aren’t interested. I agree that she should go back to acting.

    • This is not surprising since I have read many different articles saying that people (in general) just aren’t buying full albums anymore. The music business is becoming much more “singles” oriented. Of course there are a handful of artists whose complete albums do still sell, but listeners these days are much more interested in downloading individual hits that they heard on the radio, and specific album tracks that they like, rather than full albums for their collections. People don’t care much about getting the “full album experience” anymore, and often prefer just getting the 1 or 2 songs they like best. Furthermore, back when everyone was purchasing CD’s, it was cool to buy a “Greatest Hits” album even if you had all the hits on previous albums. It was nice to have all the hits together on one complete CD, and it was also a nice collectible item. These days, people are not very interested in “collectible items” and if you already have all the previous hits downloaded into your music library, you can just put them all together in one playlist and play them back to back on your IPOD or computer. There’s little benefit to having a “Greatest Hits’ collection unless you are just getting interested in the artist for the first time, and just starting to purchase their music. I personally have all the previous J.Lo CD’s, so the only thing that interested me about her new “Greatest Hits” album was the 2 new singles. I guess Jennifer Lopez is realizing how much the music world has changed since 1996! Don’t worry, with her millions and millions of dollars, I don’t think she’s be out on the street any time soon.

    • sunshine

      Im not into bashing artists who have low sales issues when they dont have the exposure/promo to get themselves out there because i feel thats unfair. HOWEVER, JLO’s face has been constantly on the TV for a while. American Idol and ALL those commercials at the same damn time lol Performing on live shows and a song on the charts. And this happens? THIS is what I call a problem.

      It makes you wonder, WTF do people have to do to sell an album these days? because having your face everywhere isnt all to it, Top charting singles isnt all to it, Its not real talent, TRENT WHAT IS IT?! LOL Can we discuss this?

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    • @DerekEvan youre spot on!

    • MyCooL

      But, but, but… I thought she was one of the biggest pop superstars in the world??

    • How come you already forgotten “On The Floor”?

    • Ed

      One a failure always a failure?

    • Mari Kari

      JLo can dance but among all female singers who CAN really sing why JLo was made the AI judge? Thank God.. finally we found the true vocalist Mariah Carey to judge a ‘singing contest

    • jayne

      I’m sorry but in what alternate universe did Lopez make music that was ever of substance? Substance is the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill or Nas illmatic.