Frank Ocean Joins 2012 MTV VMA Performers Lineup


    Frank Ocean promo TheLavaLizard
    Frank Ocean gets creamed in his ‘Novacane’ video.

    Frank Ocean isn’t the world’s most exciting live entertainer but that hasn’t stopped this media favourite from scoring a slot among the acts who will perform at the 2012 MTV VMA. That’s right, Ocean will take his sad faces and side to side rocking to the stage of one of the year’s biggest events.

    The 2012 MTV VMA will air live on September 6th at 8pm ET. In addition to Ocean, Pink, One Direction, Green Day and Alicia Keys are all expected to perform at the show. Of course, we can’t forget Rihanna, who recently announced that will also walk across the stage for three to five minutes.

    Earlier this year, Ocean revealed that he was once intimately involved with another man. The announcement has since helped his debut album, ‘channel ORANGE’, to sell over 262K copies in the US. Watch his video for one of his popular tunes, ‘Novacane’, below:


    • Topman

      NO at this photo 😐

    • Girrrl

      I hope he has another coming out letter so he can get some more bandwagon fans.

    • DRB

      Trent you’re fucking shady for no reason. “He gets creamed.” really. Grow the fuck up. You didn’t care about him before his letter and you seldom comment on his actual music so stop posting.

    • Ugh

      omg that photo though. y he have cream on he face?………….LOL

    • Karl

      @DRB you do know that Frank was wiping cream on HIS OWN FACE during this video right? Why yew mad boo?


    • DRB

      Yes I do. I’m familiar with the video but lets not pretend we don’t know what Trent meant.

    • ISS

      Well wont the gay community be happy to know they are winning? A bunch of has beens, whining goat Rihanna, and this guy. no thanks I’ll be missing this years so. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    • Benron (King Of The Navy)

      Rihanna’s “walking” and “Goat bleeting” will be assisted by backup singers, backtrack, lights and dancers, most of which these other flops won’t have. She will clearly have the best performance.

    • MmmHmm


    • olly_tei

      the picture :'(

      2012 is year Rihanna began to dance, so hopefully none of this walking across the stage. I expect her performance to be one of best if she delivers as much energy as she did at the Brits and Grammys.