Burning Up: Priscilla Renea


    Priscilla Renea TheLavaLizard
    Priscilla Renea

    Today’s Burning Up feature is all about giving second chances. Priscilla Renea previously released her debut solo album, ‘Jukebox’, in 2009 but it was a commercial failure. However, the talented singer-songwriter has not given up hope and she is gearing up for a return to the spotlight.

    Priscilla has written songs for a host of artists, including Madonna (‘Gang Bang’), Rihanna (‘Watch n’ Learn’) and Mary J. Blige (‘Don’t Mind’), and earned quite a reputation as one of the industry’s brightest young talents. Also featured on Priscilla’s roster of hits is Rihanna’s ‘California King Bed’, which she performed at the 2012 ASCAP Create Music EXPO. Watch her rendition of the tune below:

    The irony that surrounds Priscilla is that she sounds like a vocally talented version of Rihanna. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, if Rihanna could belt without nasality, stay on key and had more musical skill, she would sound like Priscilla.

    However, the similarity between Priscilla and Rihanna may work against the former because her peer is one of the dominant forces in Pop music today. She does have a chance, however, if she crafts music with the one thing that Rihanna lacks: depth.

    Could you imagine a Rihanna album with actual substance and meaning instead of a flurry of catchy hits geared toward Top 40/Mainstream radio? Priscilla may not be a Billboard Hot 100 smash seller like Rihanna but she could actually sell albums if she targets the right audience.


    • Benron

      Rihanna is always getting bashed. If she puts songs like “Fading” “complicated” Or most of the Rated R tracks people call them “Fillers” and now she releases a Dance pop album which all seemed like they would be chart sucsess’ and they’re “Microwave Pop”

      I am not arguing, I do not support #TTT as much as Rated R and Loud cuz it was repetive, Mindless and DIDN’T have depth. But even if it did she would still get bashed..

    • Theresa

      She sounds more pitchy than Rihanna . Her voice cracked several time

    • Benron

      @Theresa And she strained through the whole chorus. Rih does it better.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      This performance had more rough spots than great ones. I’m just going to assume that she was having a bad day.

      With that being said, she is talented. And if she doesn’t make it as a singer, she’ll have a lasting career as a songwriter cause girlfriend is excellent with the pen.

    • Liberiangirl


    • BreezyBaby

      What a beautiful voice 🙂

    • Jeweley girl

      Her voice did sound strained and pitchy. I think if she had
      of song the it would not have been a hit. She is a talent
      songwriter and singer,but she need to work on her vocals.

    • Del

      she wasnt straining. her voice has a texture to it. its actually more common than you think…and her voice didnt crack until the end but she however had vocal breaks which is just a sign that her voice is still growing… sahe’s straight ive heard her beast a few tunes and ive heard her bring dishonor to a song lol but she’s not a bad singer at all

    • RiRiNaVii

      She has a good voice, but her own music sucks. She needs to stop giving others her good songs, and give them to her damn self

    • larry

      Priscilla is soo good, been a fan since her youtube days and she does sound like Riri but more emotion and control! People even thought she sang this song on the album! She is so good but needs that extra edge