Burning Up: Def Manic


    Def Manic Retrospect TheLavaLizard
    Def Manic’s ‘Retrospect’ mixtape cover.

    Yes, Burning Up was missing in action for a couple weeks but that’s because we were gathering some great new talent to showcase. One such act in the lineup is rapper Def Manic, who has been making quite a name for himself on the underground scene.

    During the last year, Def Manic has opened shows for B.o.B. and A Tribe Called Quest as he generated buzz for the release of his ‘Retrospect’ mixtape. The extensive 18-track set showcases the range of the 18-year old’s talent as he incorporated the sounds of Reggae, R&B and Hip-Hop. Did I also mention that he co-proudced the entire mixtape?

    Watch the video for Def Manic’s ‘Stuck in the Moment’ from ‘Retrospect’ below:

    Obviously, Def Manic is still a bit rough but he definitely has the potential to grow and fine tune his material. He has a clear mainstream appeal that is quite similar to B.o.B. and his music carries a message that is refreshing when compared to the garbage called Hip-Hop in 2012.

    Let’s see what else Def Manic has in store for us during the coming months. Until then, listen to  and download his ‘Retrospect’ mixtape below:


    • larry

      no comments?! ahdfadshabh omdz, he is o.k his flow is messy though, needs to grow and develop tbh