Caribbean Heat: Pull Up To Patra


Patra TheLavaLizard

Caribbean Heat is back again with a very exciting new installment that highlights the talent of one of the most important West Indian icons of the 1990s – Patra. From her impact in the fields of Dancehall to Reggae Fusion, this force of popular culture helped to take Caribbean music to the global scene.

Similar to several other female West Indian performers, Patra embraced her sexuality in ways that challenged ideals of the feminine form while outperforming several of her male peers on the charts. Yet, she suddenly disappeared for several years, leaving many of her fans utterly confused.

Thankfully, Patra is reportedly forging a comeback and before the action gets underway, Caribbean Heat will showcase her contributions to music. Watch the videos for some of Patra’s biggest hits below:

‘Dip & Fall Back’

‘Pull Up to the Bumper’

‘Queen of the Pack’

‘Scent of Attraction’

‘Romantic Call’

‘Worker Man’

Through her use of Reggae Fusion, many people regard Patra as a more marketable version of Lady Saw. In fact, her style striking similar to Shabba Ranks with a twist of Salt-n-Pepa, and she clearly had an impact of several of the US female Hip-Hop artists who rose to fame in the 1990s, such as Foxy Brown and Lil Kim.

However, many doubt that Patra’s raw sound would work in the current music climate. Indeed, with Reggae Fusion progressively moving toward a more Pop-oriented sound, thanks to Rihanna and Sean Kingston, it will be difficult for her to revive her career, especially after such a long break.


  • Hayet

    2pac appears on romantic call video!!!!!!! fun

  • RedSimba

    I remember hearing “Worker Man” when I was little! Loved that song


    Great post!

  • Liberiangirl

    “Pull up to my bumper baby in your long black limousine” that was my jam back then I can’t even front. In 2012, that video would receive absolutely no air play. Patra was doing it then. She makes Rihanna look like a care bear, lol.

  • mmmeerr

    Trent, i know u are trying to speak well but I don’t think the term installment applies here.. it sounds ridiculous. just say she is back with a new project..

  • mmmeerr

    @liberiangirl…. that’s a grace jones lyric actually NOT patra…. get it together!

  • Kayla

    @mmmeerr, Um you need to get it together before you tell someone else to get it together. Those are Patra’s lyrics, google it! Lol!

  • Ugh

    I love me some Patra. Rumours has it that she was raped, that’s why she disappeared 🙁
    I knew all these songs word for word. Patra was the shit. Lady Saw who?