Burning Up: Wynter Gordon


    Wynter Gordon promo TheLavaLizard
    Wynter Gordon stars in her ‘Stimela’ video.

    It’s time for another edition of Burning Up and this week’s edition is a definite banger! After months of requests from the readers of The Lava Lizard, the incredibly versatile Wynter Gordon has nabbed the spotlight as the latest addition of the our roster.

    Gordon has been active on the music scene for quite some time as a writer and guest vocalist for acts such as Jennifer Lopez, Estelle, Flo Rida¬†and David Guetta. In 2011, she released her debut studio album in the form on the EP, ‘With the Music I Die’, which included her breakthrough Dance airplay hit, ‘Dirty Talk’.

    Mixing the elements of Dance, Pop and even World Music, Gordon has earned a named for herself in the club circuit. However, does she have what it takes to score major mainstream success? Watch her ‘Dirty Talk’ video below:

    At first listen, Gordon may sound like a regular Dance/Pop artist but as the music progresses, it is imposible to deny the fact that unlike many of her peers, she can actually sing! Her light soprano is definitely built for the genre but she doesn’t allow her voice to be overwhelmed by the music; she maintains impressive control of her instrument.

    Do you think that Gordon has what it takes to be a star? If you’re in the mood for more of her music then watch Gordon’s ‘Stimela’ video below:


    • olly_tei

      YASSSS! I was waiting for this!

      Above all she has the true spirit of an artist. She’s self releasing 4 free EP’s (Human Condition) and has already released one, each explores different genre and emotions. She’s not some label puppet.

    • jasanti

      Olly-tei said it all for me! The first album is has an 80s pop to it. Not my thing. I only like the two songs “Stemila” and “Kids”. But when speaking on her creativity, diversity, and amazing vocals…this album is perfect. She deserves success…rather mainstream or just a club circuit!

    • Ms. Boss

      I don’t see it for her. NEXT.

    • AM!R

      Thank you! FINALLY you’re posting stuff about one of my favorite underrated singers. She’s truly wonderful and from the time I met her, very gracious

    • @msBoss You stan for rihanna #FAIL … This girl has star quality written all over

    • Kingphoenix

      She is really good at what she does, its just not my type of music. Maybe when euro dance trash is finally over and she has to switch it up she will make something that will pique my interest. *shrug*…Something like what Gaga used to do before she became pretentious and annoying.

    • pisces2g

      Keri girl is that u? Lol no but maybe invest in some more engaging beats if u gonna tackle this genre… Good voice tho

    • She’s got something unique, it’s unusual to see Black singers able to carry off a Dance song so influenced by Techno. I don’t like the lyrics, though. Why is sex dirty? God made it, it brings life into this world, it’s therefore holy!