The Lava Lizard’s First Anniversary!


Exactly one year ago, The Lava Lizard launched and now I am elated to celebrate the site’s first anniversary! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, with 3,270 posted articles in our catalogue and 4,183,504 million page views, The Lava Lizard movement is still going strong!

It is truly astonishing that I have achieved so much with The Lava Lizard during the last year. After my exit from my previous platform and then temporarily blogging from Tumblr as I considered the next step in my media journey, I didn’t expect this brand to garner so much success in such a short time.

What is the best aspect about The Lava Lizard? Regardless of how many pressures I encountered from angry fans of the featured artists or labels seeking endorsement pieces, I stayed focused on my goal to give you well-informed and honest opinions.

Thankfully, however, I am no longer alone on The Lava Lizard! The team has started to expand and with such growth, the site will continue to blossom. Let’s take a look back at everything that The Lava Lizard has accomplished thus far:

Music   Minute   –   A   daily   music   trivia   post   that   shares   interesting   facts   about   artists,  songs,  albums  and  events  that  have  occurred  throughout  history. 331 articles posted!

Way   Back   Wednesday   –   A   weekly   segment   that   highlights   memorable   artists’   contributions  to  the  industry  as  well  as  keys  eras  of  music  that  affect  us  today. 47 articles posted!

Boiling  Points  –  These  discussion  pieces  address  pressing  issues  in  the  industry   that  are  currently  affecting  various  artists  and  genres,  and  allow  readers  to  share   their  opinions  on  the  various  matters. 34 articles posted!

Burning   Up   –   Another   weekly   segment   that   is   hosted   on   weekends   and   showcases   the   talents   of   rising   new   artists.   Past   acts   included   Luke   James,   Iggy   Azalea,  Azealia  Banks  and  Rebecca  Ferguson. 18 articles posted!

Trini   Trent   TV   –   Hosted   by   yours truly,   this   video   series   is   uploaded   to   The Lava Lizard’s   official   YouTube   channel,   and   provides   a   mix   of   comedic opinions   and   industry   insight,   thus   allowing   fans   of   the   site   to   further   engage   with  the  content. 12 episodes posted and new season starts soon!

Caribbean Heat   –   The section of the site was developed to share West Indian culture with the world. Contrary to popular belief, everybody in the region doesn’t have a ras, play pan and speak with Jamaican accents. So, this segment aims to change that narrow view. 13 articles posted!

Interviews  –  This  section  of  the  site  was  only  launched  in  June  2012  and  the  first  chat   was   with   UK   platinum   recording   artist   Rebecca   Ferguson.   We   are   eager   to   keep  the  momentum  going  with  additional  pieces!

Social  Media  Impact    

The Lava Lizard  has  already  attracted  a  substantial  social  media  following  via   various   channels,   such   as   Twitter,   Facebook   and   even   Google+   during   the   past   few  months.  The  current  statistics  are  available  below:

Twitter  followers  –  8160

Facebook  page  fans  –  2929

YouTube  subscribers  -­ 2658

Tumblr  followers  –  763

Google+  circles  –  94

Thank you so much for supporting The Lava Lizard! I am grateful for every comment, tweet, click and view that you have given toward helping the site become a truly respectable brand! Now, here is Destiny’s Child singing ‘Survivor’ to remind us to never let anybody stop us from being great:

Thank you!



    I been supporting since FOREVER ago! So glad this site is still around!

    Much love! <3

  • Happy First Anniversary I Love reading Your news article one of the best music blogs online for News&Updates and Your music minutes are amazing Keep up the great work on Your site

  • Liberiangirl

    You go boy! Congratulations on all the success of, you deserve every bit of it. I’ve only been a fan since April of this year and I’ve been hooked every since. Continue with the great posts and hilarious, comedic commentary, Trent you should be proud! The fruits of your labor have produced and will continue to grow. Don’t let anyone’s negativity damper or rain on your parade. This is your moment…shine Trent…just shine boo!!!

  • The Truth

    Happy Anniversary Trent! Continued blessings to you in your media endeavors!

    Ugh that sounds so proper lol! Seriously you’ve put in the work to make this a great site without indulging in the foolywang world of gossip and I’m proud of you.

  • harray28

    Yasss!!! Congrats!!! *throws glitter*

  • larry


  • sha syl

    congrats to you and praises raise.


    Happy Anniversary Trent!

    It seems like only yesterday you were blogging from tumblr, now your blog is a year old, OMG! I wish you many more years and much more success!

  • jay

    its been a year already?! My how time flies!!! Happy Anniversary Trent!

  • Jess

    Congrats Trent! I’ve been coming to the site from the start! Keep on doing what you do best!

  • Trent, most of us wouldn’t know about record company endorsement pieces. Maybe you should do a short video on it so you can discuss how other sites keep pushing Rita Ora and calling Beyonce a songwriter. I mean, having certain celebs pop up 4 times an hour in Burger King, at the opticians, at the clinic trying on a new wig…they’re blatantly getting paid!!!

  • Dee

    Congrats, Trent!

  • Benron

    Im just glad you left thatshitjuice, hoefully you can sue them and get them KICKED OUT OF THE NET FOREVER!

  • whnotaskwhy1980

    Happy Anniversary Trent. I don’t really tweet that much anymore, but I still catch up on your website. I’m so proud of you and will continue to support you! Don’t slip on the youtube videos! You’ve been missing! LOVE the sight, your humor, writing, and ‘stick-to-my-guns’ approach to your opinion. I hate followers or bandwagon riders who can’t have their own opinion even if most of the idiots think Rihanna and Nicki Minaj = good music. Keep it up!

  • SparkD

    Investors…Sponsors..VC’s or whatever you want to call the “money who chases emerging brands,” Trent just laid out why he can’t stop or wont stop!

  • Juewelz03

    Happy Anniversary to my favorite blog/blogger!

  • Congrats on your first year! Your blog is amazing keep up the good work 😀