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    Rebecca Ferguson poses for a 'Heaven' promo pic.

    Rebecca Ferguson is being heralded as the next global phenomenon so it was only fitting that The Lava Lizard nabbed time with her for the site’s very first interview! Speaking candidly about a range of issues, the soft spoken songbird talked about her ‘Heaven’ debut album, comparisons to Adele and much more!

    Ferguson also hinted that she might tour the US later this year. Of course, with summer season finally upon us, she also has ideas for her next ‘Heaven’ single that will truly capture her fans attention. Additionally, Ferguson addressed the growing Dance music craze and Alexandra Burke, who has jumped on that bandwagon, as well as the death of Whitney Houston.

    Read The Lava Lizard’s interview with Ferguson below:

    Hey Rebecca, how are you?

    I’m good, thank you. I’m really good! How are you?

    I am fine. Thank you so much for asking! Firstly, congratulations on all of the success of your Heaven album! It’s an amazing record.

    Thank you!

    How has your life changed since you released this album? Really, it has been so successful so how has that impacted your life?

    It has completely changed my life. When think of life now compared to what I had before, everything I ever dreamt of has started to come true. It’s quite surreal. I can help my family and I also have a lot more confidence in myself now. I just real really blessed.

    That’s so great to hear! We know that you basically co-wrote the entire album. Tell us about your writing process; how exactly do you write the songs?

    Normally, I come in with an idea or melody and I’d play around with the melody for a while and start making lyrics. Also, sometimes when I hear someone play something on the piano I’d start writing. I normally start with the lyrics and then I’d join with the producer to get everything together.

    So you write with a partner?

    Well, sometimes I write alone where the producer would make the music for me and I’d make the lyrics or all of us would meet in the studio to write the songs. It just depends on the people with whom I’m working.

    Many artists in the music industry today actually don’t write their own songs. Why do you think it’s important for people to be involved in the creative process? 

    I think if they don’t write something then they should at least be involved in the creative process in some way. You have to master the songs so that you can connect to your audience; when you connect to the songs then you’d portray them better to the audience.

    You have to make people feel something and that’s why it’s important to write. Yet, some singers don’t write the music but as long as they connect to the songs and they mean what they say when they sing then that’s just as important.

    Now, there are so many brilliant songs on ‘Heaven’! My personal favourite song is ‘Nothing’s Real but Love’. What is your favourite song on the album?

    That’s hard! I really like all the songs. ‘Nothing’s Real but Love’ probably has the strongest message. I love the piano in ‘Teach Me How to be Loved’; I fell in love with the piano even before I wrote it. I heard the producer play the piano and it was so beautiful that I said, “just let me write over this!” ‘Too Good to Lose’ is the song that makes me happy. To be honest, I like each of the songs in my own little way.

    Have you chosen the next single from the album?

    Not yet. We’re still not sure what’s going to happen with the next single. I really like ‘Mr. Bright Eyes’ and I think it would be a perfect summer song. I’d like something really perky and happy for the summer.

    Obviously, the US is very different from UK. How do you plan to promote Heaven differently than you did in the UK?

    You know what? I’ve just been exactly the same. Many people, when [UK artists] come to the US, they want us to adapt and they want us to be more Americanised but I just want to be who I am. Even in my interviews I want to be who I am.

    I think people respond to those who are being honest and real because we see enough fake people with bravado. I think the most important thing when promoting [in the US] and every other country is just to be myself. That’s what people want; they want to look up to people who are real and honest.

    Are there any plans for you to do a major tour in the US?

    I think so! There have definitely been some talks for a tour later on in the year. I’m just enjoying meeting so many interesting people.

    Have already started planning your next album or are you just focused on ‘Heaven’? 

    I’m focused on ‘Heaven’ but the other day I had the urge to go into the studio because I really felt creative. I record songs on the go or I’d record melodies and ideas. I am thinking of a few things but when I write the next album I’m going to take a year off like I did the last time. I don’t ever want to release something with which I’m not completely happy so I want to take some time with the next album.

    Who would you like to work with on the next album?

    I was such a big fan of Lauryn Hill’s ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’. I’d love to know which musicians worked on that album because of the way they played the piano. You could hear how the musicians played the music and it was real so I’d love to find out who they were and work with them.

    Rebecca Ferguson promo TheLavaLizard
    Rebecca Ferguson

    Since your days on the The X Factor (UK)’, you’ve been compared to Adele. What are your thoughts regarding her as an artist? Are you a big fan of Adele? 

    I think Adele’s a brilliant artist! She’s got some attitude in the sense that she’s a real musician and a real singer. She’s smart and not too in love with the fame aspect; she just in love with making music and I like that.

    I like that she’s real and I think that’s why people love her so much because she’s refreshing. In a world that’s so superficial, it’s nice to see something who says, “this is me; this is how I sing. I’m singing from my heart and I’m being honest.” I really have a lot of admiration for her.

    Adele has achieved massive success with her ‘21’ album. Do you ever feel a bit of competition between yourself and Adele as far as wanting to match her accomplishments? 

    Definitely not; the only person with whom I ever want to compete is myself. I always support other artists and when they put out a single I tell people to buy it. I believe that everyone has unique things going on and that there is room for everyone. I only ever see myself being in competition with myself.

    You previously stated that you’re a big fan of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul. What is your favourite Aretha song and why?

    I really like older songs. There is a song written by Elton John that’s one of her really rare songs. Lyrically, it’s really unusual and it’s quite spiritual. I really like that song and the way she carries the notes.

    I also like ‘Don’t Play That Song For Me’! I think she’s brilliant and I love the way she plays the piano. There’s also a rare YouTube clip of Aretha singing ‘Impossible Dreams’ and that is just astonishing. The soul that she has…she really moves me to tears when she really grasps for something. I just think she is unbelievable.

    Whitney Houston recently passed away.  Was she also a major influence on you as an artist? 

    She was such a huge influence on me when I was a little girl. She was one of the people that I listened to and made me say, “wow! I want to do that!” I realised when Whitney Houston died the impact that one person in this world could have on generations and millions of people.

    She literally inspired me so much to do what I do and I just find it so sad. Her death also taught me that the music industry is a tough business and it can sweep you away. I think it’s just such a tragedy.

    Now, let’s move on to a different point. It’s really incredible to see Soul singers like yourself and Adele achieving success in this time when Dance music is so dominant. Do you ever feel pressured to change your sound?

    Not really but you know what’s so funny? I absolutely love Dance music! {laughs} I listen to it and I love it. I actually used to do vocals before ‘The X Factor’; I used to record with Dance studios and put the vocals on the songs.

    I’ll never rule out Dance music because I actually did that before I did ‘Heaven’. I don’t feel pressured at all because Soul music has always been there and will always be there. No matter what, it always stands the test of time.

    We’ve seen so many artists join the Dance music bandwagon. One person in particular is Alexandra Burke. Do you think that was the best decision or should she have done more songs that show off her vocals, such as ballads?

    Alexandra has a really strong voice and she is a very ‘dancy’ artist. She works the whole stage so I think the uptempo songs do suit her. Yet, she also has that balance in the sense that her voice is so powerful so she can do ballads as well. She’s been doing well and I’ve been enjoying the recent stuff but I think she’s brilliant at ballads as well.

    Thank you so much Rebecca! You are truly an inspiration and I wish you only the best with ‘Heaven’!

    Thanks a lot! Thank you and I hope you have a lovely time as well!

    Purchase your copy of Ferguson’s ‘Heaven’ debut album here! Also, watch her ‘Nothing’s Real but Love’ video below:

    What do you think of the interview?

    • Ms Boss

      YYyyyaaaaAAAaaaaaas Trent! It’s about time! This was a really good interview! Imma buy her album

    • I was smiling whilst reading EVERY WORD! She is so down to earth! God bless her!

      Congratulations to the FIRST interview! *SCREAMS*

    • Aye Britt

      Her only competition is with herself!! I really enjoyed this interview. She seems really down to part and her album is amazing!! My favorite track is Teach Me How To Be Loved. Oh and Alexandra Burke does not suit dance music tho imo.

      Great Job Trent!! I’m so proud of you lol. The Lava Lizard keeps excelling!!

    • hassan

      LOVE IT!!! Rebecca is truly a star and one of the nicest people ever, I’m so jealous you got to talk to her, her accent is adorable! Well done Trent!!!

    • larry

      Well done trent!!! 😀

    • Ny

      Congrats on the first interview Trent! I really enjoyed reading she’s so sweet & down to earth! 🙂

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Great interview!

      Congrats on your first interview!

    • pisces2g

      I’ll be buying the album, I really like her attitude and her voice is so unique… Great job treatment, u deserve many more interviews, especially with ppl u don’t care for lol, u have a fan base just like they do, why not?

    • I LOVE ME

      Gwhannn Trent!!! Great work sir. Never announce yourself, never brag, just let the brilliance of your work grab the attention for you. I love it when people dont brag in advance instead they show and prove.

    • Ariana

      YAY Trent! It’s great to see that you interviewed such a great singer! She seems to be a very smart girl, congratulations! 🙂

    • This was great! Minor typos/grammatical corrections though but congrats on your first interview! I never really read up on her before now (not a fan of the singing shows) but now that I have a sense of who she is and what she’s about I feel incline to support her. Good job trent.

    • BeyBoy

      @Allycat you just had to give the boy a backhanded comment?

      I enjoyed this interview. This is what your site needs to be official. I’m actually excited to see who you do next.

      Best part of this? You didn’t shade Rihanna

    • Katie

      I think I’m going to need to buy her album… Amazing interview, she seems like a really nice person along with being very talented!

    • WonderLand19

      Loved it!

    • MyCooL

      WOOOOO!!! I’m loving every part of this post! U go, Trent! <3

    • Lonny

      Nice. I only knew of her from dating one of the guys from the British-Irish group One Direction …. I knew they liked black girls..

    • Stoney-Brie

      Congrats Trent! and great interview too with valid and relevant questions, she’s a sweet girl, i love the soulful richness in her voice

    • olly


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    • mama

      she’s just great! I love her so much, and I’m so happy about her success in the US – please people continue to spread the word and support her! Thank you!.. By the way, great choice of person to have your first interview with! Wish you the very best with more!

    • mama

      and yeah, that’s great! Mr Bright Eyes would be the perfect next single! I wish she released that one in the UK!

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