New Video: Rachel Crow – ‘Mean Girls’


    Rachel Crow Mean Girls TheLavaLizard
    Rachel Crow smiles brightly in her 'Mean Girls' video.

    Rachel Crow previously issued a snippet of her debut single, ‘Mean Girls’, but she skipped the full release of the song and opted to premiere the tune’s accompanying video instead. Directed by Carlos Pena, the song supports Crow’s upcoming self-titled EP.

    Supported by Columbia Records, Crow will released her debut EP on June 26th. The set will be the first chance for people to see her talent following her exit from ‘The X Factor (US)’. Listen to ‘Mean Girls’ below:

    ‘Mean Girls’ is the perfect song and video for Crow at this stage of her career! Vocally, the tune is stunning and it showcases her range without overwhelming her would be young fans. The video, on the other hand, is clearly targets the tween bracket with colourful and fun graphics.

    It will be exciting to see Crow’s career progress. She has immense talent and the ability to fill the void left by Raven-Symone. Plus, with both Disney and Columbia in her corner, its almost impossible for her to fail.

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    • Benron

      All she needs to do is sell more then 6,782 copies, then she will outsell Alexandra burke and her “heartbreak (more liek sales) on hold”

    • larry

      i am rooting for this girl!! LOVE her!! great song and video and better future!!

    • Aye Britt

      I really like this!!

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I really like it. It’s creative and fitting for the song.

      She’s sure to have a great career on Disney.

    • fantasic

    • Jewerely girl

      I am glad that Columbia is giving Rachel Crow age apporitate
      music to sing. The Tween market is the for Rachel.
      Ilke the song and video is cute.

    • theman

      She’s s cool. Congrats to her on everything. She’s amazing…

    • BrutallyHonest

      She sounds alot like the 3 sisters who were in the Tyler Perry movie who now has a show on Disney’s channel Antfarm. All singers today sound alike; no one seperates them self anymore

      Bring Whitney and Michael back

    • beardedzombie

      this is what I want my little cousins to listen to, not CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE.

    • pisces2g

      Omggggggggg loveeeeee this song, much love Rachel! Wonder if u wrote it, but any the teens gonna eat this up


      This is so nice. So many kids are being bullied these days so I’m glad Rachel is singing something that her age group and other people can relate to. Beautiful song

    • hassan

      I like this A LOT more than an 18 year old boy should lol

    • Teodora (Romania)

      She is a great talent and she is real. She has had a tough life and I believe in her strength in growing up professionally as real. Let’s hope she will make the good choices at both professional and personal level. I myself believe in her and watch her together with the crowd of fans.

    • Tommy Pressley

      Fantastic, sweet, fun, beautiful! What a treat! Rachel Crow is AMAZING! And I believe she co-wrote “Mean Girls”!!!