New Song: Tiffany Evans – ‘If You Love Me’


    Tiffany Evans TheLavaLizard
    R&B singer Tiffany Evans

    Tiffany Evans is back on the music scene and she has a lot of news to share! The vocal powerhouse, who has revealed that she is six months pregnant and has been married for two years, debuted her new single, ‘If You Love Me’.

    The R&B ballad ‘If You Love Me’ is the lead offering from Evans’ ‘Take 1’ EP, which will be released in two installments. The first part of the set will be issued later in June whereas the second stage will be released at the close of the summer season.

    Listen to ‘If You Love Me’ below:

    Evans is truly a vocal force and ‘If You Love Me’ displayed that perfectly. Obviously we won’t be hearing a full studio album from her until sometime next year but this ‘Take 1’ EP sounds as though it will be an impressive body of work.¬†Click here to purchase Evans’ ‘If You Love Me’ on iTunes!

    Audio via Essence!

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    • smiley

      She sings really well. And I just heard she’s been married for 2 years and she’s now married.

    • smiley

      *PREGNANT (lol I’m not dumb)

    • Kingphoenix

      This is a really nice song! The kind of music we need! I can see this getting major radio play (hopefully) and it makes me excited for her EP.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Congrats to her on the baby and super belated congrats on her marriage

      This is a great song.

    • Liberiangirl

      Wow she did that!!

    • Wow… I was prepared to shade ole girl because she unfollowed me on Twitter after some not-so-nice comments lol But she DID that track… it’s pretty. Interested in seeing more work from her!

    • MuzikJunkie!

      Tiffany KILLED this song! And I’m hapy for her and I wish her nothing but the best in her personal and professional life!

    • jewerely girl

      This is what I am talking about women like Tiffany Evans
      who has the vocals and the talent are not recognise.
      While people like Rihana and Katy Perry get all the

    • cjmyicecream

      she looks like a mix of ciara and nicole sherkjjsdqkjdjq in that pic. V beautiful. Well… Tifanny Evans is extremely underrated we’ve been knowning that, i like the fact that she refuses to compromise who she is to get more successful

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