Mariah Carey’s Voice Shines At Monaco Concert


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    Mariah Carey

    When Mariah Carey performed during at the Mawazine Festival in Morocco last week, the diva was criticised for her inconsistent vocals. However, at Sporting Monte-Carlo in Monaco this weekend, she proved that her voice is still in fantastic shape.

    Powerful, rich and clear, Carey’s voice shined during a rendition of her megahit ‘Hero’. However, the show came to an abrupt end when an excited fan stormed the stage to get a picture with her. Naturally, Carey smiled for the camera while slamming her security with the same breath.

    Watch Carey in action in Monaco below:


    ‘Underneath the Stars’

    Although ‘Hero’ is far from a difficult song for Carey to sing, her voice was in excellent form and she proved that her midrange belting is truly a strong point. Hopefully, she considers that fact while crafting material for her new album so that she could handle those new songs live without a backtrack.

    Really, nobody expects Carey to sound similar to her 20-year old self. Strong midrange belts, high falsetto, a few of her trademark whistle notes and a round of tricky vocal runs would be more than enough to satisfy people. Besides, who else can do all of that? Certainly not Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Adele, Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj or Alicia Keys.


    • sam

      that crazy ass stalker! mimi needs better security

    • olivia

      is she pregnant and she sounds good but what I’m trying to figure out is wtf ke$hia,rihanna,nicki minaj or alicia keys names or even doing in that sentence when none of the vocals can even compare to the other three let alone mariah’s and no gaga nor bey don’t just give vocals because they are not just singers their entertainers and so what adele don’t sound like her but she can entertain a crowd just sitting on a dam stool you act like what mariah did was epic

    • Darnell

      Her voice hasn’t sounded this good in years. I’m amazed

    • nasjei aasanti

      Trent I hate to be the bearer of bad news… But that bridge was pre-recorded… she still sucks horse dick!!! Whitney Forever, even at her worst, she was better than your best!!! #Queen Nippy!!!

    • Adrian

      People must not be listening because Mariah always sounds this good. This is just the clearest recording we’ve heard in a minute! Lol. Her We Belong Together performance last week was everything and more….the best she’s ever done. She gave us some Daydream vocals on the last 35 seconds of that song! Mariah has a special voice unlike any other artist so we can’t expect her to always sound perfect but on a mediocre day she is miles better than the rest.

    • On’The 6

      @nasjei aasanti you Whitney stans do the SAME THING IN EVERY POST. When a bitch sounds good, she lipped. When she sounds bad, her voice is gone. GET OVER IT. YOUR FAVE WAS GREAT SO LET MARIAH BE GREAT TOO.

    • Juan Luis

      She rocks no matter what!!! Shes the best!!!

    • Fit-Ologist

      This was amazing, Im blown away actually, Mariah really sang this time without cutting notes shorter and stuff. Stop bringing up whitney, whitney was amazing but so is Mariah


      YAS! The Queen DID THAT

    • “Hellooo!!! My security is impeccable!” rotflmao she always has a Diva moment. I freaking love her!

    • Carlos

      Any writer/journalist/blogger/fan who professes to know about vocal technique and improperly uses the term “falsetto” invalidates himself. Female voices don’t have falsetto. This was written by a wolf in lambs clothing.

    • Maria Diva

      @Carlos Women do have the ability to sing in the false voice. The is a distinct difference between singing in the falsetto, the head voice and the high super head extension. I am an opera singer. I dare you to tell me I’m wrong.

    • Maria Diva

      PS: This was a good performance from Mariah. Glad she dropped the key because her false chord syndrome limits mobility with her high nasal belting.

    • theman4u

      no one expects her to sound like her 20 year old self? thats funny because in previous comments you expected other to sound like they did years ago?

      this was a basic vocal, hero is not a hard song to sing with one small belt, Adele, Bey and A Keys could have and would have done just as good or better

    • nada

      @theman4u It’s funny you mention Alicia when her voice has been shot to hell ever since 2009.

      Anyway, the performance was great.

    • Ariana

      Girl!!! Her voice hasn’t sound this clear in years! I’m glad she’s working on it, you can tell because most of her performances in Austria were barely okay, she sounded great in Morocco and now this? I’m glad you’re doing your thing!! 🙂 Now I just want you to take your lazy sexy ass and go back to the gym, k? It’s a MUST, or you can choose not to dress tight outfits like this.
      Anyways, Great vocals Mariah!!

    • My mimi looks gorgeous in Monaco!!!!!Lessers need to deal!

    • LOVE!

      @theman4u Patti La Belle and Aretha Franklin covered “Hero” and they struggled with the climax of the song. So, what makes you think that Adele, Alicia Keys, or Beyonce could sing it better than Mariah Carey (the person who wrote and composed it)? Now, about the post, Mariah sounds great! Even after all these years she can still sing.

    • theman

      @theman4u is clearly an admirer of Mariah via a hater. None of those women could do this song justice the way she just did &continues to do. Keep being bitter. Yet you’re the first one in each of her post. Haters despise when she does her thang. Move on………….

    • goser

      I am not a great fan of Mariah but the woman can still sing I saw nothing wrong with her performance. By the way it is riduculous to compare the vocal performance of 60 year old Aretha with 40 year old Mariah. I don’t know what it is but this belief that somehow people don’t age (including their voices) and we want them to sound exactly as they did when they were 20 is a fantasy. We want them to hit every high note exactly as on the CD and on each and every occassion is crazy. They are humans not robots. Whether we like it or not people age and it is going to happen to Adele, Beyonce, Alicia Keys etc

    • LOVE!

      @goser You misunderstood my comment. I love Aretha! My point was that “Hero” is easy song for Mariah to sing, but it’s difficult for other singers. I mention Patti and Aretha because they are amazing vocalists, but even they didn’t know how they should sing the climax of “Hero.” So, it was Foolish for “theman4u” to say average vocalists such as the ones he mentioned could sing it better than Mariah when legends could not. SN: Aretha sang “Hero” in 1998 I think and she was 56 lol.

    • goser

      @LOVE i am sorry i misunderstood your comment
      your point is well taken

    • Meme

      nasjei aasanti – you are delusional. Im not going to bad mouth Whitney because I love her, but to sit there and say WH’s worst was better than Mariahs best is nothing short of stupidity.

      MC did a good job she always sounds better inside as opposed to an outside concert.

    • theman

      This performance is great. Her voice is rich & her tone sounds great. She is really bringing it.

    • LegallySane93

      Honestly, I think she’s not as good as a performer live vs. in the studio. I do think she’s better in the studio and yes, I consider the possibility she uses studio tricks to create a good sound, and if true, I’m okay with that. She can still sing irregardless of what anyone counterpoints. Take WBT in Morocco – if she can still sustain a C like that LIVE & 20+ years later, then here’s no way in green HELL she’s lost her voice entirely…She needs plenty of rest before this new album drops though…

    • LegallySane93

      Oh, and I liked Hero…I don’t really like it when she performs UTS as much as I thought I would…IDK…it’s boring, and I didn’t like her vocals on it too much..I wish she would perform “Breakdown” or “Babydoll”…something more fun

    • Maverick

      Trent is annoying at times…The last sentence is unnecessary…Beyonce is currently in a better vocal shape than Mariah. Mariah sounds nice, better than last week, but Trent is so cocky and biased and needs to STFU

    • Pierre

      I’m a fan no doubt! Mariah is a Queen and 1 of the Greats… Her genius vocal ability & technique is very rare and 1 of a kind, but Trent is beyond delusional. I find her “live” performances extremely stressful and hard to listen to. She sounds mediocre. You obviously shade other “artists” to make yourself feel better because Katy, damn Kesha, Rihanna? They’re not vocal artists. If downing their vocals for you ups Mariah’s than you’re insulting your Queen.

    • Sarah

      Again, what’s with the hate? Can’t we like more than one female singer? Ridiculosity.

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    • Frank

      To quote the great late Whitney Houston: I got “Nothin’ but love” for Mariah.

    • LMAO@u

      I think it’s freaking hilarious someone used the word “irregardless” MC sounded great. She handled “Hero” pretty well, give the girl some credit.

    • Tylee

      Beyonce sings better than whitney and mariah scarey so beyonce name should not be in this article