Caribbean Heat: The Melodies Of Nadia Batson


Nadia Batson TheLavaLizard
Soca diva Nadia Batson

Caribbean Heat takes us back to Trinidad & Tobago this week for a truly special artist. Nadia Batson is one of the most talented Soca music songwriters that the West Indies has to offer and the only thing more impressive than her skills with a pen is her voice.

Batson has crafted songs for every of Soca’s biggest stars but she also has a successful recording career of her own that has continued to blossom throughout the last six years. Sassy and bold, this diva is one of the most popular vocalists of the genre. Listen to some of Batson’s biggest hits below:

‘Shiver’/’No Pressure’

‘Caribbean Girl’

‘My Time’

‘My Land’ (Kes the Band)’

‘My Posse’

‘Making Up’

The best facet of Batson’s material are her cleverly written melodies and hooks that are instantly memorable. Instead of simply chanting “jump, wine, wave and split” like many of her peers, she crafts impressive arrangements that appeal to both mature and younger audiences. Of course, she also sounds amazing singing them!

Want to hear more from from Nadia Batson? Click here to visit her iTunes!



    I really like No Pressure, My Time and My Posse.

  • Yolanda

    Di man bawlin’ Nadi, how yuh go do meh dat!

  • Lola

    I Love Caribbean Girl. My Jam!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t Wait Till Caribana 2012.

  • My ex turned me on to her voice, she is official!