Burning Up: Rickstar


    Rickstar TheLavaLizard
    R&B singer Rickstar

    The Lava Lizard has thus far introduced several exciting new artists via the Burning Up segment but today’s highlighted act is one to remember. Rickstar, a young singer hailing from the UK, is a talented young performer with the potential to make a major impact on the struggling R&B scene.

    A relative of Dancehall artist Mr. Vegas, Rickstar channels the sounds of the Motown era with his mix of R&B, Pop and Soul. He even has his own trio of backing singers called The Rick”ettes! Watch the video for his new single, ‘Hanging On (Let Go)’, a clever interpolation of The Supremes’ ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ below:

    In a time when so many R&B artists could barely sing without the assistance of auto-tune, Rickstar is truly a refreshing addition to the music scene. Additionally, his use of live instrumentation instead of typical studio effects is really allows the light rasp of his voice to shine.

    Now, the only question that remains is if the UK industry is ready for Rickstar’s sound. Marcus Collins failed to make a major impact on the charts this year so I sense Rickstar will need a mix of the right material and the right timing to be successful

    Watch Rickstar perform an acoustic version of ‘Beat of My Heart’ alongside The Rick”ettes below:

    For more information on Rickstar, check out his official website!


    • Adrian

      I appreciate when an artist puts time and effort into their image. Very nice!!!

    • susiedeva

      Yes Rickstar has great potential!!

    • BeyFan

      OMG I love him! Where can I hear more of his music?

    • BeyFan

      LOVE the motown influence….

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      He’s cool.


      I really like him

    • jaz

      He is what the industry needs right now.

    • Beat of My Heart >>>

    • Byron