Whitney Houston To Receive Millenium Award At 2012 BMA


    Whitney Houston Billboard Music Awards TheLavaLizard
    Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

    Last year, Billboard¬†conveniently invented the Billboard Millenium Award to honor Beyonce just in time for the launch of her ‘4’ project. This year, however, the 2012 Billboard Music Awards will use the accolade to celebrate the achievements of an artist who truly made history – Whitney Houston.

    The Las Vegas Sun has revealed that the late Houston will receive the Millenium Award¬†posthumously. Houston’s sister-in-law Pat Houston and only daughter, Bobbi Kristina, will be on hand to accept the honor on her behalf as John Legend and Jordin Sparks perform a musical tribute in her name.

    The 2012 Billboard Music Awards will be hosted at the¬†MGM Grand Garden Arena and broadcasted live via ABC at 8pm ET on May 20th. Other acts expected to perform at the show include Katy Perry, who will debut her new ‘Wide Awake’ single, Chris Brown, Usher, Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson and Nelly Furtado.

    Watch Houston perform ‘I Have Nothing’ at the 1993 Billboard Music Awards below:


    • courtney

      well deserved but sadly it came after her death

    • larry

      shade!! ahah love it! but yes she deserved this

    • Stoney-Brie

      these award shows need to get it together serious, congrats to Whitney and her family but on the real why do legends have to die to get their recognitions??

    • BritStan

      Trent smh, im OVER IT! Beyonce has made history bitch and she didnt have to kill herself to do it. Now thats the real tea.

    • Beyonce Mariah Carey Brandy Lover

      I’m glad Whitney is getting this award. But, Trent why do you always shade Beyonce every time you get a chance to. It is old and stale. You seem bitter over something. What is it? And how do you know it was to just promote her album? Ugh, yall irritate me with ya’ll conspiracy theories.


      SHut up that was very unneeded. Just because Trent is being a spiteful Queen doesn’t mean you need to be one.

    • BritStan

      Girl im telling it like it is. Whitney was talented and she is a legend but after her failed comeback no one was checkin for her new music. Beyonce is still relevant and Trent you have the beyhives permission to say pressed.

    • BritStan


    • Meme

      We all know Bey didn’t deserve that award. Now Billboard looks the fool for wasting it on Bey. Whits deserves it but the fact that artist of the millennium is being awarded annually looks stupid for Billboard.

    • sam

      @BritStan At least Whitney didn’t have to fake a pregnancy for promotion. When Whitney was Beyonce’s age, she was the TOP DOG. Beyonce is below Rihanna (a TALENTLESS whore) right now…SHAMEFUL.

    • YououghttobeoutofyourmothafuckingMIND

      Meanwhile back at the ranch, even in death Whitney still has more money than all of you and Beyonce is out enjoying hers as well so what are you all getting out of dragging again?

    • BritStan

      Ermm its not about money boo so have that seat over in the corner because you’ve just become irrelevant.

    • YououghttobeoutofyourmothafuckingMIND

      At the end of the day it is about money @BritStan, speak of irrelevancy.. is Beyonce PAYING you to stan for her? Lemme answer that you, yes she is.. she’s paying dust. You giving all your energy for what? Seriously what are you getting from it if it ain’t money? Does your self esteem boost when you tell pple when their irrelevant or not, did you jump for joy speaking ill about Whitney Houston… I mean what is the exchange that’s happening here?

    • BritStan

      I like Whitney but i dont agree with people changing there attitude towards artists in death, It happened to MJ, it happened to Amy and now its happening to Whitney. The same people that were cussing her out about being on crack are now flooding the blogesphere with sermons about how she was an icon and a legend. i’m not denying that she isn’t but peoples hypocrisy annoys me. No, Bey aint paying me, but I respect her and her contribution to music enough to defend her where I see fit, Im not motivated by $$$.

    • Stoney-Brie

      Beyonce is not a legend! not yet! stop lying to yourselves

    • YououghttobeoutofyourmothafuckingMIND

      @britstan I agree with that, I’m glad that you broke it down in that perspective rather than being aggressive… this way we can use this forum to discuss rather than argue about.

    • BritStan

      Much love boo

    • thought I wouldn’t sell w/o ya, sold 9 million

      ^but ur fav is (still) motivated by $$$

    • Stanmonia

      @Britstan: Whitney’s comeback went Platinum BEFORE her death and had had sold 3 mill WW BEFORE her death with no real hit on radio, and no real promotion.

      Beyonce promoted the hell out of 4, performed everywhere t rave reviews and still 4 hasn’t sold much more than I Look To You.

      Whitney Houston at 3o years old The Bodyguard

      Beyonce at 30 ‘4’

      Nuff said

    • Britstan

      Gurl, what are you trying to prove? Im not here for the comparisons because because Beyonce is a different beast to Whitney. The both had/have amazing voices. The difference between I Look To You and 4 is the quality of the content. Whitney was a shadow of her former self on those tracks and in those performances, meanwhile Beyonce was arguably at her best in the 4 era. But you can’t compare them. The generational differences between them have informed both of their careers. Also, Beyonce is a performer and a real entertainer with her stage shows. Whitney (and im not trying to discredit her for it, because only Mariah does it better) just stood there and sang.

    • HateFake

      @Britstan: the fact that you said Mariah did it better has already proved to us if you’re a hater or not. So dont try to be nice anymore, just “let it go”. The best has much haters, I know that, you dont need to be shy

    • Britstan

      Lol ya’ll be too pressed that people could sing better than Whitney. I cant. All you Bobbi Kristina stans need to take a minute.

    • Stanmonia

      The fact that @Britstan said Mariah did it it better ( a lip singer who manipulates her studio vocals nad has 0 stage presence) tells me two things:

      Trent IS @Britstan

      Or a pressed hater who knows Whitney’s live shows in her prime was some of the best performances even Beyonce cannot TOUCH. And Mariah, she’s a joke.

      @Britstans said heshe are not here for comparisons, but it was IT who did the comparison between Whitney and Beyonce to even spark off this mess. When Whitney dropped ILTY, she wasn’t even in the prime of her career. Fact is, Whitney is considered the greatest voice of all time and she has received more tributes and awards (before her death) than any other female artist.

      Take a seat you incomprehensible lunatic

    • Stanmonia

      Mariah has ALWAYS been backseat to WHitney. Whitney was dubbed THE VOICE for a reason, and it Oprah called Whitney that right in fron tof Mariah LMAO.

      And Beyonce can stick to stealing people’s writing credits, wearing those nasty lacefronts, and raising that porcelain child of hers.

    • Kenny

      @Britstan is Trent. What a delusional lamb. No one has ever been able to out sing Whitney. Her stage presence was an art within itself. She was very engaging and she sang a song like she’d wrote it.

      When Whitney was in the room, you were in the presence of greatness. That is how people referred to her. No other artist other than Michael and Madonna has had that effect on people.

      Mariah is seen in the same realm as Rihanna; no one takes her seriously anymore. A +40 year old stuck in a 16 year old’s mind.

      Not a good look

    • Britstan

      Woah, the mention of Mariah has the stans bothered. Why you so defensive? @Stanmonia, I’m very sorry for your loss and I see that it has caused you to behave irrationally. Techically Mariah was and still holds a very good case at being the best singer in the world. Whitney had power and a stunning falsetto/head voice pre crack era. If you see Mariah in the same league as Rihanna than please go lie down.

      Also, very rich that you curse out Beyonce for not writing when even Stevie Wonder could read Whitney’s writing credits.

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    • Tyler

      Does anyone else find it strange that anyone would want to compare the careers of Whitney and Beyonce. They are of two completely different eras, and unless you were around during Whitney’s heyday 80s- 90s, you probably don’t understand how monsterous her impact was and why it will remain so…perhaps even moreso in death. Beyonce is superpopular, by today’s standards, but Whitney completely changed the standard of what was expected of a female singer. To compare the Whitney in the latter part of her career to Beyonce in her heyday is also unfair. To be fair, you’d have to compare the careers of a 30 year old Whitney to a 30 year old Beyonce today. No comparison. Ummm… Once again, you’d have to have been old enough to know that Beyonce’s impact today pales to Whitney in her heyday. We are talking about a woman who had a soundtrack to surpass 40 million copies containing a song that is still as referenced as it was nearly 20 years ago. Whitney’s existence changed the definition of what came to define a great singer. Lets see if Beyonce’s music will remain as relevant after the heyday and the youth of her career is over. Give me a song of Beyonce’s that anyone thinks will be as referenced on a GLOBAL SCALE as those in Whitney’s catalogue of music. People often confuse one’s heyday and current popularity with being a legend. They are not the same.

    • Gabriel

      A failed comeback??? I wish some of you uneducated people would seek knowledge before you opened your mouths!!! Her album debuted at #1 went double platinum and her tour grossed 34 million dollars. The failure is yours to discredit a trendsetter after her death by trying to take away from her accomplishments!