Watch: ‘Uprising: Hip Hop & The LA Riots’


    Uprising LA Riots TheLavaLizard
    'Uprising: Hip Hop & the LA Riots'.

    Last evening, Vh1 aired the powerful ‘Uprising: Hip Hop & the LA Riots’ special, which highlighted the relationship between Hip-Hop music and the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. Executive produced and narrated by Snoop Dogg, the show reflected on one of the most significant periods of US history.

    Featuring commentary by Nas, Ice-T, the late Eazy-E and several important political figures, ‘Uprising’ is truly one of the most important pieces of the Vh1 Rock Docs series. Watch the entire show below and learn about the LA Riots experience:

    Thanks Mr. World Premiere!


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    • whnotaskwhy1980

      nice job with this posting!!!

    • Girrrl

      I remember seeing the riots on tv as a kid. Can’t lie I was afraid but I was glad that black people made a stand against that ruling that set Rodney King’s attackers free.

    • V

      Ooo thanks for posting this Trent. Its the 20th anniversary of the riots, deff a significant moment in American history

    • Shea Butter

      I have not had a chance to watch the airing, but I lived in South Central during the riots so I’m kind of excited to see how VH1 & Snoop depict the riots.

      People/film makers/etc – Love to depict the riots as some kind of ‘come up’ for black/latino folks because they were looting, but what people don’t realize is that at a certain point during the riots looting also became a primary means of survival. When I think back to that shit it’s kind of crazy to image living through it.