Usher Wakes Up ‘Saturday Night Live’


    Usher Saturday Night Live TheLavaLizard
    Usher performs on 'Saturday Night Live'.

    Last week, ‘Saturday Night Live’ viewers were forced to endure less than thrilling showings by Rihanna but this time, a performer with actual talent graced the iconic stage. Usher entertained the crowd during the Will Ferrell-hosted episode of the show with renditions of ‘Scream’ and ‘Climax’.

    Usher will release his ‘Looking for Myself’ album on June 12th. He will also promote the record on May 20th at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, which will also include performances by Chris Brown, Kelly Clarkson, Nelly Furtado and Usher’s protege, Justin Bieber.

    Watch Usher perform on ‘SNL’ below:



    Despite several rough moments during his rendition of ‘Climax’ – performing an entire song in falsetto entails the obvious risk of running out of breath – Usher still performed a very entertaining pair of sets, especially with ‘Scream’. He is one of the few male artists out today who even bother to sing live and that fact is appreciated.

    Thanks Mr. World Premiere!


    • Girrrl

      Agreed about the live singing part. That’s why I can’t even get mad when he’s not pitch perfect because Usher has a beautiful voice and is the best young adult R&B male in the game.

    • Lee Lee

      Gee Trent it seems you were again the only person who didnt enjoy Rihanna on SNL…….does that mean theres something wrong with everone else in the planet or you?….

    • Theman

      Usher is just a great arist overall.

    • Naudisweet(Xtina Stan)

      First performance of the era, so great job Usher. Already pre ordered the album, so excited!!

    • plain & simple

      Usher did a really great job and this is coming from a Chris Brown fan. Don’t give two fucks about his pitch because to me he still sound great. I didn’t pre-order the album but I am taking my butt to the store and purchase it on day one.

    • Ethan

      usher did great, i respect him because he doesn’t autotune live and i wish my fav would do for god sake, i have nothing against a little voice tuning on a record it should be forbidden to use it live. Climax is a really hard song to sing but he did flawless in my eyes.

      The problem with Usher’s era so far is that i don’t like the songs he has been putting out. Scream is a very mediocre pop song (and i think some choreo is missing, still props to him for singing live) and Lemme See with Rick Ross is just garbage.

    • Ugh

      I love Usher and can’t wait to see him again in concert.

      @Lee Lee Trent wasn’t the only one who didn’t enjoy Rihanna’s SNL performance. Lots of ppl didn’t that’s why she posted that hospital pic as an excuse for her poor performance.

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    • Benron

      Some parts of very off!
      Other than that I liked it when he didn’t try to go higher in his falsetto, but he was pitchy as fuck an a mess. I love the song, This wasn’t so much better than Rihanna…

    • Kim

      I think he did great! I love me some usher! I think people have been caught up in the hype of Chris Brown that they forgot about Usher and that he can really sing! I like Chris Brown, but I need more singing than dancing from him.

    • larry


    • Ni

      Usher did a great job.. I guess people like to continue to go back and forth. Chris has song live on SNL check 2011 performance. So I don’t understand the constant lip synch attacks. Usher has lip synch before and so have many others. Let’s not act like Usher has never lip synch. You don’t have to down one artist to bring another one up especially when they are both great entertainers. This generation is so focus on numbers, charts postions and how many accolades achieve instead of focusing on the music and being entertained. Good Grief enjoy the show.

    • KingAquarius

      This post lets me know that you are biased Trent. You called Xtina’s performance on The Voice “terrible”, but you praise this because he attempted to sing live. The majority of this performance was all over the place vocally. Sour notes aplenty!!!

    • Benron

      @KingAquarius I agree COMPLETELY. but maybe its cuz he said he likes the song so he cut this some slack, And the Rihanna shade was like, How much worse did she do then him, legitimately…..

    • bunny2015

      THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!

    • He did a good job!