Usher Shares ‘Looking 4 Myself’ Album Cover & Track List


    Usher Looking 4 Myself TheLavaLizard
    Usher's 'Looking 4 Myself' album cover.

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Usher just had the urge to be extra special by adjusting the title of his new album from ‘Looking for Myself’ to ‘Looking 4 Myself’. The singer broke the news today when he revealed the set’s cover as well as the included track list.

    Pharrell (‘Twisted’) and Rick Ross (‘Lemme See’) are the only featured artists on ‘Looking 4 Myself’, which hits stores on June 12th. Expect Usher to promote the project at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards when he hits the stage at the show alongside Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson and others on May 20th.

    See the full ‘Looking 4 Myself’ track list below:

    1. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
    2. Scream
    3. Climax
    4. I Care for U
    5. Show Me”
    6. Lemme See (Ft. Rick Ross)
    7. Twisted (Ft. Pharrell)
    8. Dive
    9. What Happened to U
    10. Looking 4 Myself (ft. Luke Steele)
    11. Numb
    12. Lessons for the Lover
    13. Sins of My Father
    14. Euphoria

    Deluxe Edition
    15. I.F.U.
    16. Say the Words
    17. 2nd Round
    18. Hot Thing

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    • Cliff

      looks like a chris brown cover 😛

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Usher, sir, like really? Okay, then.

    • Umm Usher what is this?

      The “Climax” single cover is on a different level to this tacky-looking mess.

    • Ariana



      Ultra and Michelle’s dance hit “Waiting on You”

    • Jade

      Why do I feel like this should be an Erykah Badu album cover. LOLOL

    • larry

      cover is wack!

    • Changing it from “Looking for myself” to “Looking 4 myself” pretty much sums up what’s gone wrong with Usher… He needs to stop hanging around with teenage boys and start making more GROWN music like “Climax”.

    • It should’ve been black & white in my opinion

    • JustMe_Andria29

      Wow, so he’s really serious about this “new” look.

    • NEW Michelle Williams MUSIC VIDEO!

    • rie360

      people are so critical. Now matter how far you have come or what you have done people will find a way to not be pleased or satisfied with what you do!! UGH! Good Job Ush..keep coming with the hits!!!