R. Kelly Reveals ‘Write Me Back’ Track List


    R. Kelly Write Me Back deluxe TheLavaLizard
    The cover of R. Kelly's 'Write Me Back' deluxe edition.

    R. Kelly is gearing up for the release of his ‘Write Me Back’ album so it was only a matter of time for he unveiled the record’s track list. Indeed, the R&B giant will issue his 11th studio project on June 26th and he has penned an impressive list of songs to ensure its success.

    The standard edition of ‘Write me Back’ comprises twelve tracks, such as the singles ‘Share My Love’ and ‘Feelin’ Single’, where as the deluxe set features an additional four songs. R. Kelly revealed the covers of both versions of the album earlier this week.

    See R. Kelly’s ‘Write Me Back’ track list below:

    1. Love Is
    2. Feelin’ Single
    3. Lady Sunday
    4. When A Man Lies
    5. Clipped Wings
    6. Believe That It’s So
    7. Fool For You
    8. All Rounds On Me
    9. Believe In Me feat. Young Jeezy
    10. Green Light
    11. Party Jumpin’
    12. Share My Love

    Deluxe Edition

    13. Beautiful In This Mirror
    14. You Are My World
    15. Fallin’ From The Sky
    16. One Step Closer

    Watch the video for R. Kelly’s ‘Share My Love’ below:

    Info via This Is RnB!

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    • MzGoodBadGirl

      Umm,. I can’t wait. I hope Kellz come back to NJ when he tours. I’m so there.

    • Juewelz03

      love letter was a great album.. r.kelly has such a strong fanbase he doesn’t need much promo.

    • PrincessK

      Sounds amazing! love u Kells!