R. Kelly Announces ‘Write Me Back’ Release Date


    R Kelly promo TheLavaLizard
    R. Kelly poses for a 'Write Me Back' promo pic.

    The King of R&B is coming back for his throne. R. Kelly has announced the official release date of his new album, ‘Write Me Back’, and judging by his extravagant photoshoot for the record’s packaging, he is going the extra mile to nab public interest.

    ‘Write Me Back’ will hit stores on June 26th. Targeting mature R&B fans, the record includes the songs ‘Share My Love’ and the Michael Jackson-inspired ‘Feelin’ Single’. However, ‘Write Me Back’ isn’t the only new album that R. Kelly has in store. Indeed, his ‘Black Panties’ LP will be release at the end of the year.

    Watch the ‘Write Me Back’ album photoshoot below: