Omarion Picks New Nickname & Signs New Deal


    Omarion Maybach O TheLavaLizard
    Omarion as known as Maybach O.

    We could all breathe a sigh of relief because Omarion has gotten a new record deal. However, that’s not the only major change in the former B2K member’s life as he has adopted a new nickname to mark this major event in his life.

    To commemorate signing to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music label, Omarion has picked the nickname Maybach O. He is currently planning to release his first single from the label, ‘Let’s Talk’, which features Ross and will appear on his new EP.

    When asked about why he signed Maybach O to his label, Ross stated the following:

    “I ran into the homie, we had a few conversations and I flew him down to Miami and he played me a dozen records,” he said. “I was amazed by the music he put together. We had a few conversations and we made a situation happen.”

    “He’s a phenomenal entertainer. His dancing is incredible. He’s an actor, he’s a writer. I thought it would be a great move for both of us. I’ve been looking to enter the R&B arena, I felt he was the best artist to kick the doors open.”

    So, Maybach O signed with Ross to be used a test subject as the label experiments with R&B? I guess beggars can’t be choosers so let’s just be happy that Maybach O finally has a roof over his head and a new group of friends.


    • Jade

      Trent. I can’t with that gif of Janet from For Colored Girls. But seriously Omarion should’ve just changed his name to Metta World Peace…….oh wait….lololol

    • Tim

      Maybach O sounds like a vogue stage name.. Maybach O from the house of O.

    • MzGoodBadGirl

      Omarion or whatever the Heck his name is, US wack and need a new career because this one isnt working.

    • ilit

      good on him about the Maybach label signing thing and all the others..but a new name? that wasn’t could have atleast been better i mean ‘Maybach O’ really? Oh my…. homie done lost his mind

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Maybach O? Like really? Of all the unnecessary names in the world, he picks the one at the top of the list.

    • Maybach O? Wtf?

      Why not just stick with Omarion?

      He already has made a career with that name.

      Why spend money marketing a new name when you have a recognisable (and far superior) name already?


    • mango

      this janet gif is everything i need right now LMAO

    • Liberiangirl

      “Maybach O” so what happens when his album flops and be gets dropped??? Justgotdropped O????

    • Shea Butter

      That fuckin gif is how I fuckin feel!!

    • LauraDior

      That gif sums up my comment and thought.


    • latifa

      dead at that gif. maybach O? sounds like a pornstar name

    • drea

      there’s no way i’m calling this fool anything besides omari lol he needs to have a seat.
      besides that, I might be one of the few people who still enjoys some of his music, so let’s see how this new deal turns out for him

    • pisces2g

      Chants and claps for mother O of the house of Maybach*

    • Nikki

      FREAKING FAIL. Maybach O? Ew. I adore O but this is just way out of wack. Wiggity WACK.

    • Nikki

      Or why not just rename himself just O? Why the maybach…you’re that happy you got a deal so you name yourself after them…fail.

    • JustMe_Andria29

      This signing is so random. What’s up with the nicknames? He’s almost 30; give that corny shit up already!

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