Nicki Minaj & Her Backtrack Perform On ‘Ellen’


    Nicki Minaj Ellen TheLavaLizard
    Nicki Minaj performs on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show'.

    Nicki Minaj gave her young fans Sophia Grace and Rosie advice about being confident during her interview on ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’. Unfortunately, she didn’t practice what she preached as she dared to perform live on the show with an unusually loud backtrack.

    During renditions of ‘Right By My Side’ and ‘Starships’, Minaj could barely be heard over her booming backtrack and the echo of the reverb. Thankfully, however, she still rapped her verses live instead of miming as usual.

    Watch Minaj perform on ‘Ellen’ below:

    If Minaj is going to sing songs instead of rapping then she should learn how to do it properly. She has the right tone for Pop records but she has no idea how to use her voice and she is perpetually out of breath.

    How hard could it be to sing Minaj’s songs? Sophia Grace is a child yet she performs them quite effortlessly so Minaj better get in shape or quit it.


    • Ethan

      horrible, but i heard her really well

    • @ItsDonavonFOOLS

      Nicki isn’t that bad of a singer.
      She just needs a some vocal lessons she’ll be fine.
      Maybe she should try jogging and singing so she can gain some stamina

    • Guess What

      This plastic clone is HORRIBLE as usual. Can you imagine what she’s gonna sound like at Summer Jam. Why would anybody pay money to see her is mind boggling to me. They won’t talk about that FLOP album of hers either.

    • RealNick

      her performance was good and you a hating ass bitch if you think otherwise. she’s sings better than most people and her album is selling better than most. @GuessWhat that plastic clone is winning !!! that’s why you mad ?

    • Ni

      I’m confuse… sophie and rosie are how old? Where are the parents cuz I know Nicki music is not for 6,7, 8, 9, 10yrs old. H*ll I barely should be listening to it. Y NO Angry white protesting Ellen… Oh I forgot as long as coon its OOO Tay. 🙂

    • LoveLiveLife

      That Was Actually A Great Performance!
      Nicki Is Stepping Her Game Up!
      Kudos Mama!

    • cjmyicecream


    • mmmh errr

      i thought it was good..i can tell she has been working hard on singing lessons… she DID get totally out of tune a few times but i m still riding with the nicks cause she is a badass fearless worker.. she does what she wants and i respect that.. and check my comments on other post.. i hate everybody lol

    • Wonderland19

      That was her first good performance in a good 10 months. No shade

    • LoveTheLove

      I thought it was good too. but people are going to talk whether Nicki’s doing good or bad. that’s the life of a bad bitch !!! Nicki did her thing. u mad? No1currrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • right there

      LOVED IT 🙂 she’s so pretty in pinkk

    • Jasmine

      Nicki needs to quit

    • Jasmine

      This site is everything!!

    • Jasmine

      I can’t stop laughing!

    • GO GO GO

      she’s so awesome. a kiss from her would make my life complete #bucketlist

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I will say that this is the best performance I’ve seen from this era. She needs work.

    • PinkLips

      If this is her best, I can’t take her worst.

    • Kevin

      no shade, this was actually a good performance in all honesty. it’s what her Grammy’s or American Idol should have been. She just tried too hard on both of those platforms.

    • Anthonyyy

      Trent is such a hater and what’s worst is that he only says that kind of stuff to make his blog be comented. It’s so fucking sad. I don’t even like Nicki but she was okay, nothing amazing but she did her job.

    • PinkLips

      Kevin likes Minaj better when she doesn’t move. Hence, saying this “standstill” performance was better than her movement at the Grammy’s and American Idol.

      Nicki is ripping off the Pop world. She’s claimed from the beginning that she NEVER was a club goer and she doesn’t dance. Yet, she’s making all these dance songs saying that she’s ALWAYS listened to dance music. What?

    • TheTruth

      Nicki only really cares about making money, if she see money to be made in pop then she’ll do pop. She has a MAC campaign under her belt and her up-coming fragrance. Go figure.

      I do not like what Nicki has been producing music wise but something that I have always appreciated is her work ethic. She is smart and I commend her for that.

      Her performance of Right By My Side was good but Starships was awful fo me (mainly because that song kills me brain cells!!).

    • TheTruth

      See what I’m taking about guys?! LOL

    • sweett

      she can’t sing worth a damn.


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    • lmfao… can’t know her hustle!

    • Joshy W

      That was outright appalling, so shaky and flat! Every time she sings she just seems out of her comfort zone and without auto-tune I cant help but cringe. I know I’m gonna be labelled a ‘hater’ but I think she should stop trying to sing (immediately) and go back to doing what she does best, which is hip hop, and not some contrived mainstream bubblegum pop which lacks any real content, depth or original flavor…

    • princeluv

      Please have a valid claim when posting a “story”, thank you!!