New Song: Nelly Furtado – ‘Enemy’ (Snippet)


    Nelly Furtado promo TheLavaLizard
    Nelly Furtado stars in her 'Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)' video.

    Nelly Furtado released her video for ‘Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)’ and followed the clip with a preview of new song, ‘Enemy’. The song will appear on the singer’s upcoming ‘The Spirit Indestructible’ album, which will hit stores on June 19th.

    Yesterday, Furtado¬†unveiled¬†the rough track list of ‘Spirit Indestructible’. The record will include 15 songs and will be available on both standard as well as deluxe editions. Listen to the snippet of ‘Enemy’ below:

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    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I am familiar with Nelly’s brand of singing but she was living in her nose on this one. I hope the whole song isn’t like that.

      I like the beat, though.

    • pisces2g

      wtf is this nelly? everything from this album is sounding very forced….hate artist who resurface when bills need to be paid!

    • DRB

      I know Nelly’s style but I’m hearing Lykke Li here.

    • Kevin

      that picture is SO illuminati.

    • MyCooL

      @DRB I totally agree with you!! I was thinking the same exact thought!!

    • She’s picking the worst parts of songs for snippets tbh, I think they’ll be good though “Big hoops” slays.

    • @Che_Petrillo

      Nope. Not here for that picture or this song. *sigh* >_>

    • Doesn’t Nelly Furtado know that people know she’s making the Illuminati Eye of Horus in this video? When people see this video, they’re just going to not buy her music because she’s now showing she’s under control of the cult. STUPID!