New Song: Ke$ha – ‘Woo Hoo’ [Snippet]


    Ke$ha TheLavaLizard
    Dance/Pop singer Ke$ha.

    Ke$ha promised to revive 1970’s Rock & Roll with her new album and explore her vulnerable side but the snippet of one of her new songs, ‘Woo Hoo’, indicates otherwise. Indeed, laced with synths and club beats, the track is just a continuation of her usual partying ways.

    Expect Ke$ha’s new album will be released later this year. The record entails contributions from several producers, including Dr. Luke, who has partnered with the Pop star in her quest to develop a so called new sound.

    Listen to the preview of ‘Woo Hoo’ below:

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    • Cliff

      sounds pretty good, can’t wait to hear the whole song and new music

    • Trav

      This has been confirmed to not be apart of her new album.

    • pisces2g

      thank u because its repetitive as fuck

    • lala

      Trent I love your site!

    • kel


    • LauraDior

      Can’t take the autotune……..

    • Um.. she needs to get over the whole drunken “raised by wolves” animal shit, she’s so old… She might just flop with her new album if she doesn’t bring something new.

      P.S Xtina’s “Woohoo” > Kesha’s “Woo hoo”