New Song: Justin Bieber – ‘Die In Your Arms’


    Justin Bieber Die In Your Arms TheLavaLizard
    Justin Bieber's 'Die In Your Arms' single cover.

    Justin Bieber follows the lead offering from his ‘Believe’ album, ‘Boyfriend’, with a new single entitled ‘Die In Your Arms’. Channeling the sound of the Motown era, the young star is bolstered by the productions of Darkchild and Travis Sayles on the mid-tempo love song.

    Bieber will release his ‘Believe’ album on June 19th. The record will also include the Ludacris-assisted Dance/Pop song, ‘All Around the World’. Listen to ‘Die In Your Arms’ below:

    Although Bieber is clearly singing through a cleverly placed veil of auto-tune, his voice still works on this track. The melody is quite catchy and the beat perfectly suits Top 40/Mainstream radio as well as Adult Contemporary.

    It’s obvious that Bieber’s focus with ‘Believe’ is to broaden his fanbase. That is a very wise decision because most child stars’ careers fail to transcend as they get older as they only cater to young audiences who quickly replace them with the next youth craze.

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    • larry

      of the best melodies of 2012 but worse voice of the past decade! smh

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      This sounds like something that Chris Brown would sing.

    • Tommy Parker & Kelly Parker are the songwriters behind this, and I think THEY did a good job.

    • Kayla

      this is another case of justin making an effort to appeal to the black community, your NOT justin timberlake or eminem, you’ll NEVER be considered black in white skin..your tooo……bieberish..but the song, OMFG i Just had an orgasim..its so cute && fits me perfectly..he hasnt matuered his voice yet but the only thing that has matured is his attitude..and he says DAMN, thank god cause your 18 and not a baby..go off the edge a little..jeez louis..

    • Hi, does anybody know where I can get a Justin Bieber screen saver that is not riddled with viruses?


    • Bee

      I really wish someone else sang this song. Then I could actually get into it. Bruno Mars maybe? He could add the vocals and flavour that this needs.

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