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    Tyra Banks TheLavaLizard
    Supermodel Tyra Banks.

    Did you know that supermodel/television personality Tyra Banks once attempted a music career?

    Banks released her debut single, ‘Shake Ya Body’, in 2004. However, despite being produced by Darkchild and cross-promoted on her reality TV show, ‘America’s Next Top Model’, the song failed to chart.

    Following the dismal performance of ‘Shake Ya Body’, Banks has since commented that her attempts to enter the music industry were foolish. She even mocked the track’s accompanying video, which you can watch below:

    Now you know!

    • Cliff

      the song was okay, she would have been perfect tho’. love her

    • Lee Lee

      That video and song was hot as hell lol. Ahead of it’s time, it’s so not 2004, more so 08 or 2012. If she dropped this last year, or tomorrow, it’d be a #1 track.

    • kymi

      This would do better nowadays.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I remember this. It’s not a bad song but it just isn’t a great song.

    • Girl, bye

      This song is actually OK. It would be a hit now.

    • lol

      omg! bitch sam tgj just stole this exact post!

    • The song, video was hot, but Tyra didn’t have to confidence in herself to handle to comments. I this business if you don’t believe in you nobody will!

    • Poplocker

      I remember this. I don’t remember which one came out first because it was around th same time but Shake Ya Body and Blaque’s I’m Good sounded just alike.