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    Eazy E TheLavaLizard
    The late Eazy-E.

    Did you know that rapper Eazy-E died from complications with AIDS in 1995?

    On February 24th 1995, Eazy-E was admitted to the hospital for what was initially suspected to be asthma. However, it was later discovered that he was actually been stricken with AIDS and he revealed his condition to his fans on March 16th 1995. Shockingly, just ten days later, the rapper succumbed to complications from his medical condition on March 26th 1995.

    Eazy-E was best known for his work as a member of N.W.A. alongside future Hip-Hop icons Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. One of the group’s most popular hits was ‘Fuck tha Police’. Listen to the song below:


    • Aye Britt

      People at that time believed it was a gay man’s disease. This opened hip hops eyes therefore helping to educate young African Americans.

    • Shea Butter

      I was watching something the other day on VH1/BET/MTV or some other 3 letter network that discussed that fact that Easy-E was extremely promiscuous and engaged in multiple levels of risky behavior with the rise of NWA. I think this is important to talk about because people love to say HIV/AIDS is a gay mans disease… which it is clearly not!

      Can you do a piece(maybe a boiling point) on NWA, Easy-E, Dre, DJ Ren, Arabian, Ruthless Records and shady as Jerry Heller!!