Lil Kim Rocks ‘Return Of The Queen Tour’ With Eve & Missy Elliott


    Lil Kim Eve Missy Elliott Pepa TheLavaLizard
    Pepa, Eve, Lil Kim and Missy Elliott.

    Last night was an amazing time for the female Hip-Hop movement! Lil Kim carried her ‘Return of the Queen Tour’ to the Paradise Theatre in New York City and was joined by several of her peers, including Eve, Missy Elliott, Pepa of Salt-n-Pepa and even Drita Davanzo from ‘Mob Wives’!

    Kim thrilled her fans with performances of several of her biggest hits but the real shocker occurred when she summoned Eve and Elliott to the stage to rock the mic. All three women are currently working on new studio albums for release later this year.

    If you want to attend Kim’s ‘Return of the Queen Tour’ then click here to see the list of dates. Watch footage from last night’s incredible show below:

    Info via True Exclusives!


    • Kenblazed

      LilKim ……. “Doin It Waaay Big!”

    • Fat Bottom Girl

      GO KIM!!! EVE YES!! MISSY YES!! DRITA OH MY!! YES!! Loved it!!

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    • theman4u

      that pic is EPIC

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Great footage. I’m excited for Lil Kim.

      Drita is crazy, she did a decent job on that verse. It’s good to see Missy, Kim and Eve all together. I hope all 3 record a song together, that would be dope.

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    • loveEmAndLeaveEm

      Love Kim!!!!! She is a great performer!!!

    • Guess What

      See this is REAL female hip hop unity. All those ladies are successful in their own ways. They don’t have to be spiteful & hateful towards each other to get to the top. Unlike the lying, fake, plastic clone Nicki who is on tour “paying” her playmates to get on stage & disrespect Kim constantly. That bitch is pathetic.

    • PinkLips

      Lil Kim is in the LEGENDARY LANE! She’s a true rapper – Queen of all Queens. She shouldn’t even have to fight for her crown because if she was a man, the industry would not have tried to give it away so soon. KIM has only been allowed to make music in the last year as she said on the Breakfast Club interview. Now that she can, she’s killing it with her own style.

      All those club performances that she was ridiculed for paid off because it kept her live performances crisp.

    • L>E>M>B

      How is it the Drita is a better rapper than Nicki? No shade *cough*

    • V

      YYYYAAAASSSS! I’m sooooo jealous I wasn’t there! I luuuv it!

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    • MmmHmm


    • pisces2g

      what happen to missy tho lolllll

    • pisces2g

      loved all 3 at the same damn time

    • Tay

      Kim did the damn thing so happy to see her doin her thing as well as Eve and Missy. Real female MC’s

    • SlamDUNK

      The greats i love them

    • kate

      lil’ kim AND drita?!? amazing to the extreme

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