Justin Bieber Performs Horribly On ‘The Voice’


    Justin Bieber The Voice TheLavaLizard
    Justin Bieber performs on 'The Voice'.

    Justin Bieber may have ripped off ‘N Sync’s ‘Girlfriend’ with his ‘Boyfriend’ video but he certainly couldn’t copy their talent. Indeed, while Chris Brown was amazing his fans on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Bieber was busy embarrassing himself with a horrible performance on ‘The Voice’.

    Alongside his troop of dancers, who are all more talented than him, Bieber fumbled across ‘The Voice’ stage while trying to sing ‘Boyfriend’. The song is the lead single from his upcoming ‘Believe’ album, which will be released on June 19th.

    Watch Bieber make a fool of himself on ‘The Voice’ below:

    Isn’t Bieber so cute in his little golden booties and his studded jacket? He looks so adorable that I just want to pinch his chubby cheeks! Who cares if he sounded terrible and he can’t dance? As long as those pleasant negros Usher, Kanye West and LA Reid say he’s talented then we shouldn’t care! All hail Bieber; the new Michael Jackson!

    Thanks Mr. World Premiere!



      he screams bottom to me.

    • JULZ

      O.M.G like TOTALLLLY!

      GTFOH! lol

    • @Che_Petrillo

      >_> He really looks like Marcy from Married with Children.

    • Ariana

      *SQUEALS* LMAO!!! 😀

      This gurl needs to disappear ASAP.

    • Ugh

      it really was a hot mess

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      A mess. Like what was the grunting in the beginning for? Those vocals were horrible; this is one of the easiest songs to sing yet he could not do it. He needs to hire a vocal coach immediately. And why was he breathing so hard at the end? He barely danced.

      Maybe he was “sick”. That seems to be the excuse of the week for bad performances.

    • pisces2g

      he had enough ppl up there to do a prayer circle…but he chose to “perform”….a wreck

    • I love this song and I’m not a massive Bieber fan. But, his vocals…can I point out that it sounded as if his studio vocals were lowered a bit and his live voice was seemingly higher than the song itself? What happened to the sultry low tenor? His voice lacks characteristic. While the performance itself seemed entertaining, the vocals take away a massive amount of points. May he’ll do better next time. *Shrugs*

    • nilah boo

      Has he went through puberty?

    • Why does she keeping grabbing her vagina?

    • Theman

      It wasn’t that bad.

    • @ItsDonavonFOOLS

      That was a MESS

      And so was Chris Brown’s performance.
      Sorry Trent >.> Lool

    • sweett

      he looks so awkward just standing there while they dance around him.

      swaggy indeed. smh

    • Michael Jackson. Nah

    • lela

      you’re a racist asshole