Jordin Sparks Dazzles With ‘American Idol’ Performance


    Jordin Sparks Hollie American Idol TheLavaLizard
    Jordin Sparks performs with Hollie Cavanagh on 'American Idol'.

    With the ‘Sparkle’ movie premiere less than two months away, Jordin Sparks has been thrust back into the spotlight and she is truly making the most of it. Last evening, the underrated singer hit the stage on the ‘American Idol’ finale results show to perform ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ with Hollie Cavanagh and dazzled the crowd with her voice.

    Sparks also performed at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards last weekend. In a special tribute to the late Whitney Houston, she belted ‘I Will Always Love You’ before presenting the icon’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, with the Billboard Millenium Award.

    Watch Sparks on ‘Idol’ below:

    It is such a shame that Sparks hasn’t been more successful since winning ‘American Idol’ because she is a fantastic singer. She understands her voice and her sugary tone would sound perfect on a catchy Pop single.

    However, Sparks has not crafted the right material and her label simply doesn’t know how to market her. She tried to imitate Beyonce with ‘I Am Woman’ but that flopped and she even tried Dance/Pop with ‘S.O.S. (Let the Music Play)’ but that also tanked. Yet, do you know what she hasn’t tried? Sparks hasn’t tried being herself and as soon as she embraces her true talent, her audience will finally connect with her music.


    • Ugh

      Her voice totally drowned out that little girl’s voice.

    • I thought they blended together PERFECTLY.

    • Che

      I love Jordin and “No Air” was her and she should go back there. They song was perfect for her that other shit? Naw.

    • Chelsea

      Love Jordin, such an amazing voice. She is so underrated, probably because she doesn’t cause utter chaos. She is a true idol winner! Her and hollie sounded great together, my favorite performance from last night’s finale!

    • Adrian

      She really needs to put out some quality material. Her niche is POP and she needs to focus on coming out with something that appeals to mainstream. I can tell she has fun in the studio but she needs to be sure EVERYONE will enjoy her music. She has immense talent and I love her. I still rock with Tatoo, No Air, and One Step At A Time. She needs to hook up with Ryan Tedder, and she also needs to add some acoustic guitar to her mix. That’s what’s hot with Alernative Pop sounding music. If she could do some acoustic sessions this summer it would really add to her buzz and re-introduce her beautiful voice to the public. That in combination with Sparkle will push her through to a Winter 2012-2013 single release. Spring 2013 will be her time!

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    • “Battlefield” SLAYS everything she’s ever done.

    • Bill

      I thought Hollie and jordin sounded great together! It was the highlight of the evening for me!

    • Karen

      I have been a big fan of Jordin from the start. I completly agree she need better material or a new record label who knows what to do for her. I think with the exposure of Sparkle she will finally get that. She is a true singer. Not just a personality or image.

    • AMorris

      Jordin’s fantastic, my favourite artist actually. I hope “Sparkle” gives her the exposure to return to her 2007-2009 success.