Hot Pics: Rihanna Wicked In White At ‘Battleship’ Premiere


    Rihanna Battleship TheLavaLizard
    Rihanna attends the 'Battleship' premiere in Los Angeles.

    Rihanna sported black at the 2012 Met Gala but she whipped out a white gown for the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Battleship’. The vixen glided down the carpet at Nokia Theatre LA Live and wowed photographers with her famous curves.

    ┬áSee more images of Rihanna at the ‘Battleship’ premiere below:

    Rihanna Battleship TheLavaLizard

    What do you think of the pics?

    • TheTruth

      She still doesn’t look totally well to me. Something is up. Depression? That’s probably why she has been partying a lot…
      However, she looks hot as usual here!

    • pisces2g

      i really dont think she is depressed i mean seriously i cant think of being 24 rich sexy and famous there being too much to be depressed about…. shes just young dumb and accomplished enough to have fun

    • Che_Petrillo

      Her eyes say it all. I really hope she takes a break and takes care of herself. I would hate for her to have a break down.

    • iseeU

      No IV marks…Interesting…… All hail to the Empress she has new clothes….. Gotta promote this movie to the fullest… start controversy before premiere the infamous “flu”(check) this also works for horrible performances , twitter controversy with ex (check) hmm with let see what next by 18th May. All for the love of money and fame.

    • Ugh

      alcohol dehydrates you maybe she shouldn’t drink so much. try drinking some water or even juice. i feel no pity for her.

    • She really looks her age for some reason in these pics, alot of times I forget how young she is because alot of the makeup and things she wears… It could be the Black hair but she looks youthful and comfortable. She does look a little burned out, wishing her the best.

    • lostluv224

      She looks fab as usual…but that hair does nothing for her.

    • YuuP

      Shes looking sooo washed up. And how many times can someone be “sick”…hangovers arent the flu. She needs to slow her role & stol thinking shes invincible

    • melC

      She looks fab to me

    • babe

      Stop with the stupid excuse that she is young and famous. What happens when she is much older? What excuses will you daft punks come up with? You guys need to start thinking like the mentally stable human beings you claim to be.
      Rih simply doesn’t care about her voice because she has cursed her stans with damaged ears. She has the potential to do much better.