Donna Summer Dies At 63


    Donna Summer TheLavaLizard
    Queen of Disco Donna Summer.

    The music industry suffered the loss of yet another iconic figure today. Donna Summer, the legendary Queen of Disco and one of the most influential figures in Pop music, lost her battle with cancer early this morning and died in Florida.

    Summer was best known for her blockbuster hits ‘Bad Girls’, ‘Hot Stuff’ and ‘MacArthur Park’, which were among her four #1 hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Throughout her career, Summer won five Grammy Awards and helped to influence Dance, Pop and House music, inspiring the work of Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston.

    The Lava Lizard highlighted Summer’s contributions in a previous Music Minute segment about her ‘No More Tears (Enough is Enough)’ collaboration with Barbra Streisand. Additionally, our Way Back Wednesday specials showcasing the great Disco Era and the best of Vh1 Divas focused partly on Summer’s work.

    Watch my personal favourite performance by Summer below:


    • Dreofficial

      I dont know if she inspired Lady Gaga or Toni Braxton, but she certainly inspired Beyonce. Glitz, Glamour, Fierceness, and the Queen of the gays of her era. RIP Donna Summer. Definitely shed a tear from this one.

    • rock me, roll me


      @Dreofficial Toni said he new album is “very Donna Summer” and Gaga name dropped her during the promo of Born this Way

    • vanitylove

      This a very sad loss today! Even though I’m young she was one of my idols and I love her music. She was the reason I discovered and love disco music so much! RIP Donna! Queen of Disco!

    • Aye Britt

      Trent said she influenced Dance, POP and house music which inspired the work of Lady GaGa and Toni *sigh*. Theses older artists helped music to a point that its evident in artist today!

      Anyways RIP Donna!!

    • Ni

      Truly sadden such a beautiful woman…. Last Dance at least her on earth… RIP Ms. Summer 🙁

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Lord, the queen of dance is gone!! I’m so sad. Her music is everything! On the Radio is my favorite song by her.

      If any tributes are being planned, Barbara Streisand and Kelly Rowland definitely need to be a part of it.


    • Adrian

      She was so young! She lived a an accomplished life though. I love her. May she rest in peace and rise up to sing with the angels when its time.

    • jewerelygirl

      DondotScore, I agree Kelly Rowland shoud be the first in
      line to do the tribute. Kelly’s whole persona is total Donna
      Summer inspired. Thank you Trent for the mini concert it
      shows you what real talent is. It is sad that Donna Summer

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