Caribbean Heat: Wining Champion Denise ‘Saucy Wow’ Belfon


Denise Belfon TheLavaLizard
The master of wining, Denise Belfon.

This week’s installment of Caribbean Heat is different from every feature that we previously enjoyed. Instead of focusing on just the music, our special will highlight the dance skills of one of the most popular West Indian entertainers. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to celebrate Denise ‘Saucy Wow’ Belfon; the master of wining!

When people think of wining they sometimes imagine the stiff hip movements of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. However, the Trinidad-born Soca/Dancehall singer Saucy Wow proves that this dance artform is more than just a shake and a wiggle; it is an expression of sexuality and skill. Indeed, even after her husky voice cracks after several back to back concerts, crowds still get excited to see her perform.

Combining African dance with Trinidadian wining and even the moonwalk, Saucy Wow remains unmatched onstage.¬†Watch her in motion below and particular attention to ‘Dance & Dingolay’ where her voice was literally gone but she left the crowd amazed:

‘Bicycle Wine’

‘Dance & Dingolay’


‘Hard Wuk’

‘Indian Man’

‘Kah Kah Lay Lay’


‘Saucy Baby’

‘Wine & Bend Over (With Ghetto Flex)’


Now, those of you who do not understand the West Indian experience might be asking yourselves, “what did I just watch?” Yet, if you get out of your seats and attempt imitate Saucy Wow’s moves then you will develop serious respect for her skills.

Still, beyond the wining and tricks, Saucy Wow is a hugely important performer. She challenges standards of gender that limit the freedom of women in the region and denounces views that they are mere objects to be controlled. Saucy Wow has influenced a new generation of entertainers and her contributions to bridging Jamaican Dancehall music with Trinidad’s Soca are¬†immeasurable.


  • Mc’Lovin

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE HER! I saw her live in Miami once and she KILLED IT!

  • Trini

    Saucy Wow, nobody could touch her wining skills. Nicki Minaj and Rih Rih could learn from their fellow West Indian sister

  • mango

    i ADORE saucy wow, this post made my day. i am forwarding this to 500 people. thank you trent!!!


    Saucy surely puts on a show, no matter what.

  • StaNn

    she is one of my bestie/roomie’s sister… i love her to piece, she is the coolest.

  • Breezy

    I wanna learn how to whin like her!!!

  • I have never heard of her (more of a dancehall/reggae head)… But she has just given me my life. LOVE HER! It pains me to see Nicki and Rihanna try to wine and do other dances that are native to their countries and they ULTIMATELY fail, let alone not have that Caribbean rhythm. ‘Cause this woman has it!

  • I love this woman. Saucy to the world!!! Boom!!!!