Burning Up: Elle Varner


    Elle Varner TheLavaLizard
    R&B singer Elle Varner.

    We’ve been chatting about the demise of R&B music for weeks but all is not lost. Indeed, there is a small of group artists who still represent the best qualities of the suffering genre and this week’s Burning Up star, Elle Varner, is one of those acts.

    Featured on the RCA Records, Varner is currently preparing for the release of her ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ debut album later in 2012. The record is preceded by the lead single, ‘Only Wanna Give It to You’, which includes an appearance by J. Cole. Watch the video for the tune below:

    Varner’s raspy vocals are quite intriguing and the way that she delivers her lyrics proves that she has a great understanding of music. Better yet, she writes her own songs! Yes people, Varner is a well-rounded artist and not just another basic performer with a good voice.

    It would interesting to see how Varner ranks when she releases ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ later this year. The video for ‘Only Wanna’ has already garnered over three million hits in just seven months so it is clear that she has attracted an impressive following.


    • R@@

      Yessss Her Mixtape Conversational Lush Is Amazing……..By The Way I love the new single Refill..!

    • Cliff

      i love her Refill is my jam 🙂

    • Indigo

      Can I get a rEEEeeeeeEEEeeeeeEEEfil? *snaps and chair wines*

    • kionnamone

      I absolutely love Elle! She is such an interesting artist to me, her sound is a breath of fresh air.

    • kingphoenix

      Trent you could have atleast put Refill up there and put a link to her mixtape…smh @you. But glad you are making improvement, instead of complaining about R&B is dead you should promote artist like Elle, Stacy Barthe, Jhene Aiko…so forth and so on, instead of ragging on Beyonce and Rihanna all the damn time.

    • bunny2015

      I HAVE LOVED ELLE SINCE SHE HAD THAT 5 SECOND SPOT ON MUSIC MATTERS ON BET! So fly is her best song like honestly. I love elle so much I stan for her in Seattle!!!!!!! Her mixtape (conversational lush) gives me life everyday!

    • DRB

      I listen to Conversational Lush all the time. Hopefully her album sees the light.

    • High


    • window sittin’

      @kingphoenix you just had to make this a negative post didn’t you? Why don’t you start your own blog and complain about shit over there

      Thank you for this post Trent! I’ve been begging you for months but you finally did it. FINALLY

    • kingphoenix

      @window sittin’

      Bitch, that is constructive criticism…but i see you know who I am, but who are you? Imma need you to re-seat your self at that window.

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