Alexandra ‘Lets It Go’ On ‘Lorraine’


    Alexandra Burke Lorraine TheLavaLizard
    Alexandra Burke visits 'Lorraine'.

    Alexandra Burke is determined to make her career as a Dance/Pop artist happen. To accomplish this near impossible feat, the singer visited ‘Lorraine’ to perform her new single, ‘Let it Go’, which will be released in the UK on May 27th.

    Additionally, Burke spoke about her upcoming ‘Heartbreak on Hold’ album, which will arrive in UK stores on June 4th. If you haven’t heard the unfortunate preview of the House music-inspired record then click here. However, make sure you fetch some tissue because this waste of Burke’s talent is quite sad.

    Watch Burke’s spot on ‘Lorraine’ below:


    • WonderLand19

      I’ve been debating whether to buy her album cause after hearing the preview, its TOTALLY BAD 90’s DANCE. NONE STOP DANCE, ascept for 1 song at the end. I’m Alex’s biggest fan and have consently defended her talent againist critics. This era is a full hot MESS! A side from the music not showcasings her high level talent, Top radio stations in the UK have not been playing her music. They have truly blacklisted her. Now, its got nothing to do with the music. Capital Fm play by far the worst genetic music and yet they dont play alex. All they play is ‘We found love’ on REPEAT. A song released last year. O_O Same goes with Radio 1. If they dont deem u cool enough for them, they dont touch u.
      The highlight of this era has to be when ‘Elephant’ went straight to No.3 with no radio support. Just her, her team and the fans.
      I’ve decided i am going to buy this album because i want her to have the opportunity to make another album under RCA. I feel if this album flops, then she could be on dangerous ground and might be dropped.
      Next era, she NEEDS to work with a better creative director, a new stylist, better writers and produces (Rico Love/Jim jonsin only got 1 song on this album. She needs to work again with them), RCA need to give her a bigger budget, better directors (her videos are dull to say the least) and a better PR company.
      This girl is too talented to be in this position. I’m praying for a Rihanna moment on album 3. She has a stronge fanbase who constantly go all out for her.

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith

      Ohhhh kaaaay…This is an aural mistake I believe! 11 Dance tracks one after the other!!??!! I met a member of her family once and they told me that for the next or US release there’d be more Urban music. What is this? Tracks 1-6 as Dance I can understand, then ballads, mid-tempos and some real RnB. Alex is a Black woman with a Pop career in the UK, she’d need some Dance/less Urban music but this is reckless. I believe it will go Platinum, then fade.The Tour will be mostly attended by non-Blacks and likely be smaller than her last. I also think she will struggle to go Silver next album as she’s less Urban now than “Overcome” and THAT was a struggle. People aren’t really buying into what she’s selling. We’ll see though, we all get proven wrong often.

    • olly_tei

      2nd of the performance was brilliant. Now she just needs a creative team as talented as she is.

    • olly_tei

      2nd half*

    • She can really sing.

      Started off a little weak performance wise but she really warmed up, was slaying the moves and the vocals.

      She deserves more support.