Adele’s ’21’ Outsells Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ In The UK


    Adele 21 TheLavaLizard
    The cover of Adele's blockbuster '21' album.

    Michael Jackson has finally met his match in the form of a very unexpected source. Stunning music fans across the Atlantic, the King of Pop’s blockbuster ‘Thriller’ album, which is one of the best-selling albums in the world, has been outsold in the UK by Adele’s ’21’.

    Since being released on January 24th 2011, the 15x platinum ’21’ has sold over 4,274,300 copies; just 500 copies ahead of ‘Thriller’, which has generated over 4,273,800 in sales since 1982. In fact, ’21’ is now the fifth highest-selling album in UK behind Queen’s ‘Greatest Hits’, The Beatles’ ‘SGT Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band’Abba’s ‘Gold: Greatest Hits’ and Oasis’ ‘What’s the Story Morning Glory’.

    In the US, Adele’s ’21’ has sold over 8.91 million copies – 3.1 million since January 1st 2012 – and has been certified 9x platinum. The LP was the top-selling release of 2011 and it is the highest seller of 2012 to date. However, it is unlikely that Adele will match Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ in the US because that record has been certified an enormous 29x platinum.

    Watch Adele perform ‘Turning Tables’ from ’21’ below:


    • gaga

      I see u Slaydele

    • Ugh

      Um, i like Adele. I’ve listened to the album. It’s a good album but it’s nothing ground breaking. Who in the fuck is still buying this album? I don’t get the hype. What’s really going on here?

    • Amber

      I think MJ is the only non-brit in the top ten in the UK and he’s in there twice, so he’s fine. I like Adele, but this album is getting boring to me already. Thriller is decades old and I’m still loving it!

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Well, congrats to her. Although I don’t understand why this album is still selling after it’s been out a year or so but I’m happy to see someone with talent who makes good music on top.

    • Ariana

      Well Trent, this was like a MM because I just found out that my guys Queen own the throne in the UK when it comes to albums sales… yassssssssssss God!!
      Oh, about Adelé, happy she’s doing great. She totally deserves it!

    • sha syl

      Mj music will always live on but no disrespect to adele her music will get boring and won’t last as long as Mj.She just had a good record and voice so lets see what she bring next she nothing compare to Mr Jackson if you ask me…Congrats adele

    • Polo

      well i bought another copy last week as a gift to my cousin and she loves it

    • MJ4EVER

      YAWN she is okay but she is not as prolific and capable as Michael Jackson. I swear they are doing anything to erase MJ from the history books of time. I WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Screw FATdele

    • Bri

      You are aware that MJ holds two places on that list of top-selling UK albums, aren’t you? And I’m pretty sure Thriller is still the best-selling album in the world. So how is that erasing him? And as someone pointed out, he’s the only American on the list. That’s still pretty major.
      And I notice a lot of people are just slandering or downplaying Adele just because she outsold MJ because before all of this the general consensus was that Adele and 21 were the greatest things since sliced bread. Anyone who breaks or ties any record of his gets slandered or diminished in favor of praising his accomplishments (see Katy Perry). Records are meant to be broken. And when people tie or break a record of MJ’s, that doesn’t mean that he’s any less legendary or the person who broke the record is on the same level as him. Numbers are only a small part of an artists’ legacy. It’s the art itself. So if/when someone breaks the Thriller record of world’s biggest selling album, Thriller will still be considered to be an amazing piece of work. And 21 is an amazing piece of work as well.

    • LOL

      I’m PROUD Because she is being recognised for whats important: vocal ability, style and writing skills.

      I have milked this album of all its vocal goodness, but I’m still yet to get tired of it. EVERYTIME she performs somewhere it just makes me want to listen to ’21’ it beginning to end.
      (which I do)

      I don’t think its overrated at all; I do question who is still buying it however I’m glad she’s still selling.

      *stares at the unopened copy of ’21’ on my shelf*

    • Congrats to Adele, I don’t think “21” is the best album ever but it’s good and it’s great to see a talented artist like Adele getting all this success, It’s amazing for ANYONE to get this success these days anyway so we should be praising her.
      Her breaking MJ’s record doesn’t diminish MJ’s legacy in any way, and he still has two albums in the UK top 10 biggest selling albums list and is the only non UK artist since Madonna’s “The immaculate collection” was pushed down to 11 (and yet Madonna is still Queen and her legacy is intact) ^_^

    • jiji


    • Val

      It’s a sad day in music. 21 is not THAT great, but en fin.

    • LOL

      “Sad day” my ass. Show me when your fave did this?

      *waits to be presented with receipts*

    • Bee

      Good for Adele, the album is great but honestly, I don’t get what is so amazing about it that so many albums are being sold :S

    • Daizy

      Good for adele, but y’all are going to have to quit acting like she sold over 100 million copies of 21 because she didn’t. She only accomplished that feat in the uk by selling 500 more copies … kudos to her! Also i agree with what someone said on here, they are trying their hardest to erase michael jackson from the history books. Even in death his “STATS” still seem to bother people. They are acting like adele is the only person to sell over 20 million copies worldwide – didn’t whitney houston,janet madonna, shania train, britney spears, usher and many many more sell over 20 million copies worldwide just from one album? And in some cases some did it more than once … please some of y’all are going to be the reason why adele will start tumbling. Beyonce and her stans were comparing her to michael and her 4 album was a complete commercial FAILURE she didn’t score no #1 hits on hot 100 at all. Let adele be great on her own … but thriller she will not out-sell in terms of worldwide sales.

    • Selda

      Its UK only we all know who beats worldwide 😉

    • Kim

      I love Adele and I love her songs from 21 in isolation, but I haven’t yet managed to listen to the whole album through, it’s just so boring! I think 19 is more listen-able as a whole album. I do love some of the songs from 21 though.