Watch: Vh1 Updates Aaliyah’s ‘Behind The Music’


    Aaliyah TheLavaLizard
    The late Aaliyah.

    Aaliyah died more than a decade ago but the traces of her legacy continue to linger among those friends, fans and fellow artists whom she inspired. As such, an updated version of her ‘Behind the Music’ special was crafted by Vh1 so that we could all appreciate her memorable impact.

    Among those artists who discussed the life of Aaliyah was Missy Elliott, who still mourns the loss of the R&B singer and hasn’t fully accepted her passing. Watch the full episode of Aaliyah’s ‘Behind the Music’ below:

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    • kurtisleesinger

      Still gutted about Aaliyah, she was the queen of RnB no one made music like her and Tim, they created magic changed music and she influenced a generation…

    • ( .__.)

      love her