Watch: ‘The Voice (UK)’ (Season 1 / Episode 3)


    The Voice UK TheLavaLizard
    'The Voice UK'.

    The 3rd episode of ‘The Voice (UK)’ aired earlier today on BBC! Continuing the excitement of last week’s show, this installment featured coaches Jessie Jwill.i.amTom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue sifting through a string of talented hopefuls in their search to fin the next great UK star.

    So, who does ‘The Voice (UK)’ compare to its US counterpart? Watch all the action from the Episode 3 below and see for yourself:

    Kristen Joy

    Leanne Mitchell

    Murray Hockridge

    Ruth-Ann St. Luce

    Tyler James

    Bill Downs

    Bo Bruce

    Cassius Henry

    Denise Morgan

    Hannah Berney

    Jay Norton

    Joelle Moses

    Kate Read

    If you missed Episode 2 of ‘The Voice (UK)’ then click here to watch!