Sneak Peek: Rita Ora’s Wild ‘How We Do (Party)’ Video


    Rita Ora How We Do Party TheLavaLizard
    Rita Ora stars in her 'How We Do (Party)' video.

    Rita Ora has had to deal with several comparisons to Rihanna so let’s not highlight the fact that her ‘How We Do (Party)’ video looks strangely similar to the latter’s ‘Cheers (Drink to That)’ video. The song is Ora’s debut single in the US and the video for the tune will debut on April 17th.

    Ora’s previous video, ‘R.I.P.’, which featured rapper Tinie Tempah was her first release as a lead artist in the UK. Both tracks will appear on her debut album later this year. Watch the preview of the ‘How We Do’ video below:


    • Jasmineeeee

      Oh trent stop it…..a 9 second teaser and you’re already saying its similar to Cheers? Please have a seat in timeout

    • Jasmineeeee

      No matter what this damn girl puts out you’re going to tie in a Rihanna connection. The song is about partying and having fun…..would u rather she make a video all alone partying in her house with a glass of red wine?

    • sxd2125

      I didn’t really see any similarities from the nine second clip shown above and Rihanna’s Cheers video

    • Pokemon Trainer(Sinnoh)

      LOOOOL @ Jasmineeeee’s comment XD…..Yeah I dont see the similarities! :S

    • Meme

      shes shit! NEXT!

    • pheno levy

      Not feeling her ……the whole gwen stafani rip off & gabage songs. She dosent dance or anything…ehh she can sing tho..she’s finna be thrust into our faces..jay z is going to make sure of that

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