Sneak Peek: Justin Bieber Imitates Michael Jackson In ‘Boyfriend’ Video


    Justin Bieber Boyfriend Michael Jackson TheLavaLizard
    Justin Bieber imitates Michael Jackson in his 'Boyfriend' video.

    Justin Bieber sounds strikingly similar to Janet Jackson on his new single, ‘Boyfriend’, but it is her late brother Michael Jackson who he imitates in the song’s accompanying video. In fact, the young superstar pays homage to the King of Pop in the clip by copying his signature poses.

    Bieber is known for copying other artists as he continues to build his empire. Simply refer to his recent comments about “pulling” from Urban culture for evidence. After you do that, watch the preview of his ‘Boyfriend’ video below:


    • Ugh

      ugh 😐

    • jaki

      I knew it just a matter of time before he imitated MJ, no orginality whatsoever!!

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Damn, he’s just snatching from the Jacksons left and right ain’t he.