Sneak Peek: Brandy’s ‘Behind The Music’ Special


    Brandy TheLavaLizard
    R&B singer Brandy.

    Despite being a relatable and humorous star, Brandy rarely shares details regarding her personal life. However, that trend will end when the R&B singer appears on Vh1’s ‘Behind the Music’ special on April 25th at 9pm ET and we have the first preview of the show.

    Brandy is set to discuss her rise to fame, her tumultuous career, which she claimed started to decline following her fake marriage, and the tragic car accident that claimed the life of another driver. Naturally, her brother Ray J will be among the guest commentators who will share insight about her life.

    Also premiering next week is Brandy’s new single, ‘Put it Down’, which will feature Chris Brown. Her new album, ‘Two Eleven’, will debut i the summer. Watch the preview of Brandy’s ‘Behind the Music’ special below:


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    • danny


    • JustMe_Andria29

      Wow, I can’t wait to watch this. I’m really interested in hearing her address the whole marriage thing and everything else.

    • Tristan

      This is going to be so interesting. So ready!

    • Girrrl

      Yes brandy needs to apologize and explain that fake marriage. That really did cause her to lose a chunk of her fans. People don’t like when artists lie to them.

    • Juewelz03

      Like everyone else said above I will also watch but only because I want to know about her fake marriage and the car incident. I hope she has made peace with the family. But it def does not seem like it.

    • Jezzari

      She has more than apologized to the family…there was a settlement and the song “Human”. I will always be down for brandy! Fuck her personal life, i love her music and that’s what should matter. Im no paparazzi. I don’t make a living from famous people personal lives. But i do benefit from there music. GET YO LYFE!

    • Cliff

      i love brandy and will always support her !

    • The lie was told 10 years already. Can we get over it already? We all lie. She needn’t apologise to anybody. She doesn’t owe us her private life, she owes us a BRILLIANT album. I can’t wait for 2-ELEVEN! Go B-ROCKA!

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