Sales Predictions: Monica’s ‘New Life’ Will Be Dead On Arrival


    Monica New Life TheLavaLizard
    The cover of Monica's 'New Life' deluxe edition.

    Perhaps Monica should not have named her album ‘New Life’ because it is projected slow start will make the title a pun of several cruel jokes within the upcoming weeks. Really, the record may be a testament to the new era of her life but its sales simply reflect an artist past her prime.

    ‘New Life’ is predicted to sell 55K-65K copies by the end of the week. These numbers represent roughly a third of the 184K units that Monica’s previous album, ‘Still Standing’, sold during its opening frame in March 2010. To date, the latter LP has been certified gold by the RIAA.

    Among the many promotional spots Monica secured for ‘New Life’ were ‘Good Morning America’, ‘Live! with Kelly’ and BET’s ‘106 & Park’. However, she has thus far been unable to garner public interest in the sleep aid or the project’s lead single, ‘It All Belongs to Me (Ft. Brandy)’.


    Remember when I issued a warning about Monica targeting a very small niche market of R&B fans and that her sound was not appealing to large enough bracket to secure a hit? Well, there is nothing left to be said. Monica needs to return to the drawing board, experiment with her music and singing, and try something new or else…


    • Yolanda

      Trent, I have to tell you that I LOVE the gif. Having said that I must say that the problem here is really simple. When Monica released Still Standing she had a show airing simultaneously. I salivated for the release based on a snippet of Love All Over Me that aired. It was truly a solid album. Unfortunately, she fell in love and forgot that she had a career and the album fell off which was sad because there were some really good singles that could have been released had she given a damn. New Life’s problem is that….well….nobody’s feeling that song that she has with Brandy. She needed a strong leading single and in the words of Tamar Braxton: un unh. That ain’t hot! I’ll buy the album because I really like Monica but IMO what she should have done is re-released Still Standing as a deluxe version and included THE BEST songs from New Life.

    • Ugh

      no surprise here. I hope Brandy does not go down this path.


        & She Didnt! TwoEleven is a completely energized Wave of Timeless R&B! I Love Monica so much! I supported my girl cause she’s talented but she is gonna have to go back to the drawing board and remember whats HOT, whats a HIT! She got many more hit albums to deliver, We still believe in you Mo. But for now, BRANDY has taken music over & OUT!

    • Mike

      Yolanda…Apparently u are not a true Monica fan as her cd did not fall off! Monica was touring in reference to that CD for over a year! Love all over me was also still being played strong on radio when the first single from this new album was released.

    • MzGoodBadGirl

      I love all of Monica music and I’m totally feeling her new cd. But Monica need a new team, Monica is TOO DAMN TALENTED for her not to sell more records or even targeting a new audience,

    • Belles

      That gif is cruel but funny AF

    • ….

      At least she’s gonna sell higher than Ciara.

    • Beyonce Mariah Carey & Brandy Lover

      I totally agree with you Trent. Her and that stale ass sound off hers gots to go.

    • pisces2g

      She might out sale ciara but atleast ciara will entertain ur ass, this album is some boring ass mess, I don’t know what happened to Monica, she make nursing home elevator music now, and I BET u brandys version of the song is way better because brandy has crossover in her veins

      • TwoEleven

        EXACTLY! TWOELEVEN in stores Now, U ladies and gents please pic that up and find yourself entertained!

    • Tristan

      This is sad especially with a talented act like Monica, however, everything Trent said is true. She’s gonna have to get out of her comfort zone and experiment a bit. Her music has been boring as of late and in order for her to pull big numbers in the future, she’s gonna have to release some exciting music because these same old R&B songs are not gonna give her the hit she needs. Good luck to Monica, though!

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Well, you win some and lose alot. This is not a surprise. She is too comfortable.

    • fuck these hatin ass hoes! all u bitches can do is predict!!!! yal losers did the same shit wit da last album downin an talkin shot now u wanna remisce! stand down an suck an infected dick! MONICA speaks real shit we need to hear! this album is a masterpiece. fuck a ciara an a madonna too!

    • JustMe_Andria29

      I’m not really surprised by this. Still Standing is way stronger than this album. I was hoping that she would progress with this album but this wasn’t the case. Monica needs to revamp her sound and her team.

    • olly_tei

      If she wants to target a niche market, let her do that. It annoys me that everyone in the urban market craves Gold/Platinum albums. Indie artist thrive with much less, if you love creating music then it shouldn’t be about the sales or money. You have to weigh up the sales of these smaller artist with how much the label actually spends on them (usually nothing), with virtually no budget you can still be a fully functional artist, just don’t expect the average person to recognise your name lol.

    • olly_tei

      Also there are plenty of free promotional platforms like social networks, youtube etc

    • Ci’Yonce

      I had a feeling this album wasn’t going to make an impact. Her team needs to get her more promotion because she didn’t have a HIT to start off. Nobody is hating on her and stop bringing up my girl CiCi into this. What Trent and everybody else is saying is that she needs to branch out and shake things up with the R&B music. I like Monica and her music has always seem decent but it’s lacking something. Hopefully she puts out songs off the album that are potential hits to help.

    • whnotaskwhy1980

      Call a spade a spade. Monica don’t give ONE damn about her career. She’s finally got a husband, you haters need to eat the slop she’s served! Since her fans are an afterthought, she won’t be getting my coins. I bought Still Standing. This album contains the wack tracks that didn’t make the cut. Not so secretly, Monica don’t give a damn, she’s a stereotypical chick.

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    • Dre69

      Monica is #3 on the Itunes top 10 album chart she doing better than some of these other artists who ain’t sold sh$&. Get your facts straight Monica went hard on this album thats why I bought 2 copies. 1 for me, and 1 for her haters. #Boom Just like people hate on somebody, and all they trying to do is make it. Maybe if yall stop hating, and buy her sh*# you won’t have to worry about what she selling in the first week. SMH at these haters, but at the same time we need you. #TEAMMONICA

    • pisces2g

      u must be looking at the charts in europe because that shit aint on the american one

    • Dre69

      Top 10 albums on Itunes Google It. If you want to hear that Madonna shit then listen to that Madonna shit, but if you want to hear real R&B go get NEW LIFE. I want to see yall get in a studio and sing a song until then Shut the hell up about what MO doing because she doing her. She ain’t worry about the hate as long as she got her fans. Yall haters really don’t fucking count. #TEAMMONICA

    • Dre69
    • jb

      Well obvious your site is not to respected and I see why I bet one thing fir sure her album will sell more edthan the hits your wack site will ever receive..New Life is brilliance..and as Billboa hedas predicted right billboard the really site the respected site the site that matters predicted that the album is sure to shoot to the top ..Monica is not to be denied so stop hating on her she been around for 15 years for a reason and she keeps getting stronger this is gonna be a huge album can’t wait to see you and y’all eat every word you said…Monica is Music!



    • new life

      i rebuke these haters in jesus name

    • Juewelz03

      I listened to the album for free 4 times on aol music over the weekend and I have to say its solid and I did end up purchasing it. The sound is true RnB . I def could do without a few tracks

    • Dre69

      @jb @moneymamamia and @new life Love the comments thats what I’m trying to tell these haters. Mo doing her thang she making real R&B, and they can’t accept that. #RideorDie4Mo #TEAMMONICA

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