Rihanna Stars In ELLE Mini-Movie


    Rihanna ELLE magazine TheLavaLizard
    Rihanna flaunts her figure in ELLE magazine.

    Ahead of a ‘Battleship’ blockbuster debut, Rihanna scored an acting role in another type of film. The Barbadian stars in a special mini-movie for ELLE magazine in which she revived the Latin flavour of her ‘Te Amo’ hit for the part.

    Rihanna’s spot in ELLE magazine’s May issue was about more than just fashion and beauty, though. As usual, she sparked controversy by discussing her renewed relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and how their initial breakup changed her life.

    Watch Rihanna’s ELLE magazine short film below:


    • Ugh


    • AC

      Loved it! The styling everything I always felt she could act from her music videos. Plus, who knew Rihanna could salsa so well! props to her!

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    • jjenn

      wow this was nice!! go rihanna!!

    • DavidD

      That was great! Loved it!

    • joy

      Aim higher gurl….she like, listen here n*gga, i am not the type of gurl who likes to play games. I would rather be safe than sorry, be happy than oh well #justsaying

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