Rihanna Ruins Bob Marley’s Legacy With ‘Redemption Song’ Cover


    Rihanna Unforgettable Evening TheLavaLizard
    Rihanna attends An Unforgettable Evening' to benefit cancer research.

    As demonstrated in the behind the scenes footage of her ‘Where Have You Been’ video, Rihanna has  greatly improved her dancing skills. Unfortunately, her vocals are still terrible and she proved that fact with her cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’ at An Unforgettable Evening benefiting EIF’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund earlier this week.

    Coincidentally, Marley was the focus of The Lava Lizard’s Caribbean Heat feature, which celebrated his immeasurable contributions to the music industry. Check out that segment here and watch the master Reggae artist sing ‘Redemption Song’ the correct way.

    Watch Rihanna’s rendition of ‘Redemption Song’ below:

    See, this is exactly why Rihanna needs to stop smoking and take her Skype-assisted vocal classes seriously. This performance of ‘Redemption Song’ was utterly terrible – she slurred the lyrics, she was horribly off-key and she had no idea how to handle the simplest notes.

    It is even more disturbing to note that Marley smoked for many years yet he could still out-sing Rihanna while spinning around the stage in his trances. Was Rihanna really trying to sing ‘Redemption Song’ or was she just attempting to give the finger to the cancer survivors?

    Video via Rihanna Daily!


    • Chris


    • U aint shit Trent! Lmao I cant!!!

    • harray28

      Oh lord this gif. #deceased

    • Meme

      Not her best performance, but still vocally better than Madonna and Britney.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      You ain’t right, Trent! You really ain’t right for that gif.

      Rihanna is someone that should not be singing acoustically at any point. She needs a better vocal coach, someone willing to meet in person more often than not.

    • TrInI

      Trent, you rel hate rihanna. Her voice is her voice, her tone is her tone. Ur problem is you compare her TOO much to other artist. She is made the song her own. Man you crazy, ur not the one with the record deal… now aint you??

    • babe

      One thing I know for sure is that she’s inconsistent. She’s usually terrible live but sometimes she does well.

    • Girrrl

      Man I need Jesus and Mary after that gif!

    • Ron

      Your an asshole Trent

    • Ariana


    • Jezzari

      I actually heard her sing this song waaaaaaay better. It was around the time S.O.S came out. YouTube Rihanna Pepsi Smash Redemption Song, im sure you will find it. And it was also acoustic and she did the song justice. This was horrible. It proves that she need to take time off and retrain. Oh and stop f-ing smoking!

    • sam

      Lauryn Hill & Ziggy Marley’s cover>>>

    • cjmyicecream

      her voice does sound tired :l she should stop living that unhealthy life (smocking/drinking/partying for a lil whie and focus on getting her vocals to its old level. Shit she sounded better when she sang it to Oprah

    • Ugh

      Trent you fucker!!!! you ain’t right for that gif! it needs to go down in history……………LMAO i can’t _________________

    • plain & simple

      Oh Lord me man is turning in he grave. lol

    • plain & simple

      No, all jokes aside this was just horrible.

    • Ni

      JeeSUS!!! take the wheel…. Trent I’m at heaven gate with that gif…. Just Wrong… Rihanna if you don’t fire that Skype assisted vocal coach…

    • larry

      she NEEDS to work on her control and stop being soo0ooo nasal!! Ohh Lord above!

    • Tim

      Somebody call 911, I think my ears just gave out.

    • LauraDior

      That cover was straight disrespectful! She needs to get her life and not do anymore Bob Marley (or any legend) songs for that matter.

    • keke


      I also saw the Lauryn Hill/ Ziggy version on youtube…. Lauryn & Rihanna shoul never be mentioned in the same sentence …. Lauryn killed it.

    • sha syl

      i don’t like riri but ya’ll jealous,nothing wrong with the lil’ performance

    • mango

      lmao. i was expecting that to be way worse than it actually was. hahaha! trent determined to keep she on she toes oui. i doh fault yuh nah trent…you have high standards. but still, that wasn’t as terrible as i expected. it’s better than ciara ass could do! lol!

    • @ItsDonavonFOOLS

      It wasn’t as bad as she usually is… I’ll give her that…
      Somebody hire her a vocal coach!

    • Yolanda

      You could have at least gotten rid of the horns Trent, lol.

    • lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo trent killin me omg!

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    • bigphil

      Wasn’t bad at all imo. I just think you don’t like her voice, period. Not everyone is going to sound like a mariah, whitney, celine. That would truly be boring.

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    • Jasmine

      fuck you Trent for that gif!!!!! lol!!!!! i can’t breathe!!!!!!

    • Tsktsktsk

      *throws laptop* I JUST CAN’T WITH THAT GIF!! LMFAO!!!!! THAT GIF IS EVERYTHING!!!! DEAD!!!!

      But jokes aside what the hell do her fans smoke before mastering the courage to call her a good singer???

    • DJ

      Shit was fuckin beyoncd fuckin horrible, i know bob is rollin in his grave at this pathetic bs she has no soul in her voice and sounds like a fkn cat dying, well all know this bitch is a autotuned fast food artist she cant sing for shit live at all but please someone tell this abuse hoe to never i mean (never) touch a song of someone legendary or dead in her lifetime she is a goat no vocals at all! ROFL! lord this shall be removed from anyone browsing history this vid needs to not be shown ever again!