Rihanna Makes Strange Noises During TIME 100 Performance


    Rihanna TIME TheLavalizard
    Rihanna beams at the TIME 100 Gala.

    When Rihanna was named among TIME’s 100 Most Influential People it was clearly because of her fashion and not her singing. If you disagree with that view then simply watch her acoustic performance of ‘We Found Love’ at the TIME 100 Gala where she embarrassed herself in the packed venue.

    However, all was not lost as Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ rendition was somewhat better than her showing at An Unforgettable Evening where she ruined Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’. Watch her performance at the TIME 100 Gala below:

    Rihanna is definitely not on the list of singers who should ever try singing without a backtrack and bright lights to distract us from their voices. Listening to her sing ‘We Found Love’ acoustically was really a painful experience as she was battling to push the notes through her nose and had absolutely no clue how to interpret the song.

    Additionally, Rihanna just can’t use vocal runs. She has no understanding of her range and all she did during this showing was force her brassy voice to go in all the wrong directions. Didn’t her vocal coach tell her how to use runs during their last Skype chat or did he have her call on mute to block out her noise?


    • Meme

      What you on about? She doesnt sound bad here!

    • LMFAO!! Dead @ “Didn’t her vocal coach tell her how to use runs during their last Skype chat or did he have her call on mute to block out her noise?”

    • Girrrl

      Umm…I liked her Falsetto and that’s a pretty picture of her. *shrugs*

    • She always sounds like this. Lol #Horrible

    • Kevin

      this is atrocious


      I thought it would have sounded worst. That was an exaggeration Trent -_-

    • Jay

      Come on you really over did it…this wasnt bad at all, actually i think it jins the short list of one of her better vocal performances.

    • drea

      I prefer Jessie J’s acoustic version of ‘we found love’.
      And that says a lot since it’s Rihanna’s song lol
      I love those tired cheers after she said “Are ya’ll feeling me?” haha

    • Jezzari

      Trent as usual…exaggerating!!! Roll over!

    • Rihanna… I love you, but that was pretty bad. She basically reprised her 2012 Grammy performance and thought it was okay to try it again. That was a One-Time-Only thing hunbun… Poor Rih. She wants to run and riff like Brandy, Bey, and her bew Chris so bad. That’s not your ministry girl – bring back Music of the Sun and GGGB Rihanna!

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. But why is she so into acoustic performances all of a sudden? She is not the one that should be doing acoustic stuff.

    • pisces2g

      im a fan…lol and thats because when i click on a rihanna link i go in knowing what to expect…like i dont click a link on ashanti, expecting to see beyonces choreography…she did as best as rihanna can do…dont agree with the times listing that high tho BLOOP BLOOP

    • um i didn’t think it was bad at all personally, um i thought it was better than a lot of her other live performances of this song but that’s just me =]

    • WonderLand19

      *Bangs head on wall*
      Oh My Days, that was pretty painful. SMH Why cant you sing properly? *Goes and listens to Jessie J’s cover*

    • Mooriah

      At least the “strange noises” live unlike a certain pig in heels


    • DRB

      Bitch did you just try to imply Mariah can’t actually sing when talking to about Rihanna. Refer to her cover of Hero. Mariah at her very dire, nodule filled, straining worse shits all over Rihanna. Nobody can say Mariah doesn’t know how to use her voice. Jessie J and Rita’s 15 second clips defecate on any vocal Rihanna’s capable of giving.

      Don’t confuse it with me dragging her. Not everyone has a voice and thats ok but learn and maximize what you do have. That’s what she fails to do and why she gets flack.

    • She’s just famous for her looks and being a slut. And yeah, her catchy songs can be sung by me and you and you and you… Rihanna’s gettin old, just like Gaga.

    • Nenns

      Wow! I was expecting something tragic! Trent did a great job of making us click the post! SMH! I love the performance and so did the crowd! LOL @ the woman that said ” Oh! I don’t know all the words”!!! TIME 100 list is a big deal in itself! Performing at the event is an even greater honor! Little island girl to TIME 100 most influential!#BOSS #staymad

    • kingphoenix

      It’s sad when people think that this is the standard for a good performance of singing and think that this is “one of her best performances” In for the nerve of those people to actually clap for her. smh…

    • Cherry

      trent stay pressed! rihanna has a beautiful tone and for a rihanna vocal it was good! you need to stop holding her up to your fave artists cos she aint that.

    • kingphoenix


      She’s definitely not. *sadface* And really beautiful tone? Maybe inside the studio, but outside of it….no ma’am, no way.

    • The Navy is delsuional clearly its proven after they compared ri to mariah vocally smdh when will this fuckery end

    • Mooriah

      Lol @ you getting defensive. Your critique was an exaggerated mess and you know it. The only thing I was implying was the fact that the girl always goes out there and does her thing live. You may not agree with her tone or stylings but this was no way near as bad as you’re making it out to be and did I mention live? unlike…


    • Mooriah
    • Bee

      It didn’t sound that bad to me. It sounded average (for Rihanna). I expected to hear something worse. This is Rihanna. I don’t expect much in the first place. If someone like Beyonce sang like this, however, it would be tragic b/c we know Beyonce could do SO MUCH better but I (and a lot of other people) have lower standards for Rihanna.

    • L>E>M>B

      She doesn’t sound that bad but my issue is…WTF is this song about. When she slows it down and I have time to listen to it I am completely lost.

    • plain & simple

      OMG The audience was not feeling Rihanna at all. In the begining one or two people clapped. LMAO When Rihanna finished they clap because they was glad it was over.

    • lifefromthefarside

      I don’t get the “I was expecting something worse” mess. This woman is paid to sing, she is horrible and her tone deaf fans should be put in a class for music appreciation. It was bad, it’s always bad and its a shame that she’s pretended to glorified for it just because of her unfortunate past.

    • OMG Trent you were really doing to much. She sounded better than normal

    • OMG Trent you were really doing too much. She sounded better than normal

    • Tsktsktsk

      The fact that some people here are saying this is one of her better performances just tells you how sad and pathetic most of them are….#Truth

    • Bee

      @lifefromthefarside: Because the way Trent described it, I was expecting something truly horrible – more than usual (i.e. a Hero 2.0) but this was just average for Rihanna. She can’t sing but what’s new, she pretty much always sounds like this. This is no better or no worse than how she usually sounds.
      Don’t tell me that when you see Rihanna stepping onto a stage, you actually expect to hear real singing – that she suddenly changed. I expect the usual garbage which includes her basically singing along to a backtrack.

    • Frannie

      it wasnt terrible. She can have a great voice if she knew how to use it. Otherwise she keeps sounding mediocre. So far the best shes done is equal to a high school talent show singer who won 3rd place.

    • Nope!

      Rihanna needs to get it together. There were a few good spots in this performance but come on.. She knows this shouldn’t have happened..

    • it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t go either. She went flat a lot though…

    • Cherry

      @Mooriah, dont try and come the queen mariah boo, she up on that stage looking fresh, lipgloss poppin and a weave that would slay your entire life, not like a street corner hooker with a broke down wig collection that just stumbled on stage by accident. Mariah has nothing to prove shes hit more high notes than you’ve had hot dinners and if you really do moo like a cow, thats alot. Church dismissed.

    • James

      I mean she didn’t sound good at all and maybe she should be a bit embarrassed considering she entertains with music and her voice but it wasn’t absolutely shoot her dead awful

    • chloe

      the fact some of yall are taking up for this performance is very sad… and then someone had the nerve to comment and say this was one of her “better” performances? WTH! shes flat shes all over the place and her runs are never clear. why is this girl famous again?

    • i think it’s sad and pathetic when those opinions that differ from trent’s are being attacked simply for having a differing opinion, if you’re on this site then you’re old enough to know better, i am not a rihanna stan by any means, if you know me, i’m a stan for gaga any day and all day, but my personal opinion, this performance doesn’t seem as bad as trent described it as and i it’s refreshing to hear her actual voice without the backing track, yeah we all know rihanna can’t sing that well, but it’s not like she can’t carry a struggling tune every now and then…

    • Chloe

      @ Bee, I keep hoping that she gets an uber vocal coach and will do nothing but practice for a whole year and surprise us (Iireally do). This was quite a good Rihanna “vocal performance”, it didn’t make me want to kill myself.

    • DJ


    • Adam

      Trent just KILLS me! but she actually didn’t that bad. She’s really really REALLY improved.

    • Nadia

      Britney Spears in her early days sounded better than this. I don’t mind Rihanna doesn’t write her own songs, but there are dozens of girl who can sing her sungs WAY better. Rihanna fans really have low standards imo

    • herz44

      dude that was simple smooth and beautiful

    • cjmyicecream

      the high notes were good. Other than that … That was horrible. it’s like she doesn’t know how to use her own voice