Nicki Minaj To Rival Female Rappers: “Watch Your Mouth”


    Nicki Minaj The Breakfast Club TheLavaLizard
    Nicki Minaj addresses her rivals on 'The Breakfast Club'.

    If you thought Nicki Minaj would be too tired to promote her ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ album after her ‘106 & Park’ concert then you’re wrong. In fact, she had enough energy to visited ‘The Breakfast Club’ this morning where she delivered a stinging message to her female Hip-Hop rivals.

    Clearly referencing Lil Kim during the discussion about legendary female rappers who have insulted her hustle, Minaj scoffed at their antics and declared that “the best woman won.” However, although she said that the antics of her older peers don’t bother her, Minaj sent them a strong message: “watch your mouth.”

    Following that tense topic, Minaj explained her musical direction, her 2012 Grammy Awards performance, how she got signed to Young Money Entertainment and more. Watch her ‘Breakfast Club’ segment below:


    • @codeyDAboss

      This bitch….talking bout she moved on..what bout all t weak subliminal shots u threw at Kim after Black Friday…

    • pisces2g

      What about the up and coming? Bitch better guard her wigs

    • She seems a tad bit cocky to me. You’re winning because the competition is sleeping.

    • real music supporter

      You ugly bird looking bitch acting like you winning because you talented…there was no competition and you got a big machine behind you…wack ass bitch…trying to play innocent like you didn’t diss female rappers after you praised them

    • sha syl

      *uck her and i agree with courtney but there will be soon.

    • Beyonce Mariah Carey & Brandy Lover

      Yas. You bitches mad. Nicki Minaj is getting money while that plastic bottle ass bitch Lil Krim is owing the IRS. HaHaHa

      Nicki won, Kim Loses…. Ugly Ass Has Been

    • kingphoenix

      Girl, yeah you need to forget about Kimmy Blanco…Because the Azealia/Azaelas are coming for you on both fronts…Azealia getting the pop/urban and Azaela getting the hip-hop. And its some other less prominent ones too…so girl you need to stop with the antics and focus on your talent. Watch your wig(s).

    • Chile I will admit that I like the a few songs on PFRR, but the album is GARBAJ

    • Oh Please

      LMAO YASSSS for that Lil Mama SHADE

    • JustMe_Andria29

      Their “beef” is beyond stale. They both need to focus on their careers and keep it moving.

    • JULZ

      she looks….lighter? O_o smh

    • Girrrl

      Yeah why is she wearing that light makeup and bleaching? Self hate 101

    • Niki Minaj is beautiful and thick as fuck, and all you bitches on here hatin are mad you could never look like her, and why you hatin anyway on a person doin wayyyy better than you, it makes you look dumb. Young money is clearly gettin money and have the hottest label around. Her last CD went double platinum and so will this one. See, you don’t have to like her, cause yo man do, haaaa, he probably fantisize about this video while sexin you, lol. So bitch stop hatin, she th hottest female rapper in the game on the hottest label period, so like she said, a hudred mufuckas can’t tell her nothin. “Broke bitches disgust me, trust me”(Nikki Minaj), get yo money right and your body right before you hate on her, she winnin and you hoes is washed up, this shit bangin in the club right now and she broke the record for most views with this video. YMCMB