Nicki Minaj Reactivates Twitter Account


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    Nicki Minaj stars in her 'Beez in the Trap' video.

    It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s just Nicki Minaj’s massive ego crashlanding on Twitter. The rapper reactivated her account on the popular social media platform earlier today, probably after realising that her initial departure only damaged her public image.

    Hoping to recapture the attention of the 11 million people who followed her on Twitter shortly before the tantrum that lead to her unceremonious exit last week, Minaj has already started messaging her favourite fans. Of course, her conveniently happy return did little to erase the memory of how she publicly embarrassed her biggest fansite, Nicki Daily, for allegedly leaking songs from her slow-selling ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ album.

    Be very careful while tweeting Minaj comments about ‘Roman Reloaded’. As a reporter at The Sun recently learned, calling the album “Pop” will simply trigger a rant based on delusions and blatant denial. Meanwhile, the price of bread at your neighbourhood grocery remains the same.


    • WonderLand19

      What a year makes. I would never have thought this is how nicki would turn out. She’s surrounded by yes men.
      Oh well, on to the next.

    • black

      LOL I love you Trent! 🙂 Hopefully Nicki will calm down and not let the fools on twitter get her down! Hatred rules the airwaves and that is particularly true or social media!

    • Stoney-Brie

      urghh when is era coming to an end seriously??

    • Ni

      @Stoney-Brie Unfortunately never… it always get worse before it gets better.. No the reason she return is because YMCA 🙂 told her A$$ to get back On cause she making them lose money. Get off your high horse… work!

    • Why Bother?

      You’re right Trent, the price of bread in my neighborhood grocery store is absolutely the same. *nods* LOL!!!!!!! I can’t staaaaand you LMAOOOOO

    • Mhmm.

      TRENT. T R E N T. Lmfaoooooo

    • calling the album “Pop” will simply trigger a rant based on delusions and blatant denial. <<THAT made my day

    • Ugh

      This didn’t even deserve a post. Nicki is an idiot

    • Girrrl

      Why is that wig so damn unfortunate?!

    • @Girrrl LMAO that wig is as tired as that album. YES I have the album, no I didn’t buy it (I borrowed it from my best friend), and no I didn’t like it. I LOVED every track on PF and I think I’m the only person this side of Heaven who enjoys “Massive Attack” lol. Please excuse the cliché, but dear old Nicki please come back. lol

    • JustMe_Andria29

      I wish Nicki would go away for a while.

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