Nicki Minaj Discusses Lady Gaga Comparisons & More On ‘Nightline’


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    Nicki Minaj appears on 'Nightline'.

    Nicki Minaj has encountered unfavourable comparisons to Lil Kim since her debut but there is another woman to whom her outlandish style has drawn parallels. During her appearance on ‘Nightline’ last evening, Minaj was asked to address claims that she imitates Lady Gaga and that sparked serious annoyance from the rapper.

    Minaj snapped that she is “tired” of the comparisons to Gaga because they are in “different lanes” and that their whacky costumes have nothing in common. In fact, it was clear that Minaj wasn’t pleased with the question at all as her response was quite defensive.

    Other topics discussed during Minaj’s ‘Nightline’ appearance were her troubling childhood, her influence on young fans and sexism in the music industry. Watch the full interview below:


    • Ugh

      Her facial expression is as though she smell something stank.

      All she needs to do is stopping wearing outrageous costumes like Gaga, see The Grammys. the truth hurts and that’s why she got upset. Cry me a river a Onika. You are not original. First you stole lil Kim’s image and now Gaga.

    • I don’t get the Gaga comparisons either. I’m not really a fan of Gaga or Minaj, but lets be real, neither of them are original.

    • Hi

      So her first defense on the comparisons between her and gaga is that she’s a rapper.. hahaha and yet half her album sounds like low-rent lady gaga songs with terrible vocals. Not to mention the recycled style from like 5 generations.

    • Jasmine

      but you’re not a rapper though lol clearly because all of your music sounds like something Kesha could do lol try again ma’am

    • Che

      She a stupid hoe.

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