Nicki Minaj Blasts Reporter For Calling ‘Roman Reloaded’ Pop


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    Nicki Minaj stars in her 'Beez in the Trap' video.

    Don’t call Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ album a Pop record because she will get very upset. For instance, when Lia Nichols of the The Sun gave the rapper a compliment for the succes of LP in the UK but referred to it as Pop, Minaj erupted into an unexpected rant.

    Minaj averred that the majority of ‘Roman Reloaded’ is Hip-Hop and that only five of the included songs are Pop songs. As such, she attributed any comments stating that her LP is anything but a Hip-Hop  album to ignorance.

    Read what Minaj had to say in The Sun below:

    “You know what it is, I get tired of people making statements that go to the world and they will read what you write and what you’re saying isn’t true.

    The album is a versatile album with five dance tracks on it. The album has 19 songs and the majority of it is hip-hop. How can you give people a true account if you haven’t listened to it in its entirety?

    I want you to realise how annoying it is when people come to me having not heard my album in its entirety because, if you had, then you wouldn’t have said that.

    My new album has five dance tracks on it produced by RedOne, who I’m absolutely in love with. Prior to that, it has a very mix tape feel that people need to know about. With people like yourself printing things about the album, it’s really, really misleading to the average person.”

    Read more on The Sun.

    What Minaj fails to understand is that most people consider ‘Roman Reloaded’ to be a Pop album because it was marketed in that manner. Honestly, the main single off the album, ‘Starships’, could have easily been recorded by Ke$ha as the new opening theme to the ‘Jersey Shore’.

    Moreover, how could anybody regard ‘Roman Reloaded’ as a Hip-Hop album when she sings most of the songs and several of them feature Dance productions? ‘Beautiful Sinner’, ‘Fire Burns’, ‘Marylyn Monroe’, ‘Whip It’, ‘Pound the Alarm’, ‘Starships’, ‘Automatic’ and ‘Gun Shot’ – eight of the songs on the standard edition of ‘Roman Reloaded’ – scream “Top 40/Mainstream radio single” without any traces of Hip-Hop.

    If Minaj didn’t want people to label ‘Roman Reloaded’ as Pop then she should have made the album a double disc. She should consider that the next time she is prancing around the studio with Scaff Beezy while imitating Katy Perry.


    • larry

      TELL EM!!!!

    • Justice198

      i don’t consider the album to be hip-hop, I did until I got to track 8 i believe. Right after that she goes straight up pop and dance. She shouldn’t even be mad that people call it that because it is the way that she markets it. Sure you did a video for “Beez in Da Trap” but she isn’t promoting it. She simply released it because everyone was saying she was pop. All of her performances are usually starships or some other dance song (106 and Park mini concert excluded)

    • grown

      sho cares… Im so over Niki HAM minass

    • sha syl

      don’t care….not buying it tho

    • DRB


      See tracks 9-18.

    • Girl, bye! The official single (Starships) sounds like another remix of “‘Til the World Ends.” Just because you threw some of your recycled rhymes (see previous mixtapes) and Nas on a song at the very beginnning of the album, doesn’t make it a Hip-Hop album.


      She’s so delusional smh I swear she thinks knows what she’s talking about who are all these “yes” ppl on her team as of lately

    • DRB

      SB makes me sick. Her professional dick rider. Go do something.

    • kingphoenix

      Why is she so angry as if somebody put a gun to her hand and made her go the direction she has been going after the success of Super Bass….

    • Ariana

      Clearly this is a pop album, if she thinks otherwise well… she needs to take her medications right away. Gurl, who are you trying to fool?

    • Jamie

      Sorry but Nikki is not all that anymore, she doesnt sound the same or look the same, success made her “Take It To The Head”

    • I don’t know why she got so rude. Pop stands for popular.

    • pisces2g

      maybe she was shooting for this “new” genre , which their trying to introduce as a world sound “urban contemporary” …but she did it in such a sloppy way with way too much materiel..anybody in the biz could have told her dumb ass quality over quantity , nicki the real question here is,fuck is on ur biscuit?

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    • Hi

      Not only is it pop nicki, it is cheap, embarrassing, shitty pop. She aint built for this genre

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      People call PFRR a pop album because they went to Youtube or they bought the album and it sounded, to them, like a pop album. Nicki calls it hip hop, other people see differently, so what? Snapping on people for calling it a pop album is not going to make them all of a sudden classify it as a rap album.

      Nicki is really feeling herself, there was no reason for her to be so rude to that woman. She needs to partake in some of that humble pie. Just because things aren’t going the way she wants them to doesn’t mean she has to throw tantrums. She’s 3 minutes from 30 years old, she’s too old for that.

    • Erin

      I can’t believe she got pissed about that. You want to be known as a hip hop artist, why did you put pop on PFRR? The songs that she rapped on are recycled and the other songs cater to little girls in pink tutus. She should be happy she even got a mention in The Sun.

    • Guess What

      She’s just mad that album is a FLOP. You can’t build your career off of lies & disrespect & think ppl are gonna support you. I cant stand SB’s undercover gay ass. He wants to be important so bad in the industry. Anyway she’s doing stupid shit for publicity because she owes that label money. Nicki is only in this for money, that’s why she’s putting out garbage music. She has nothing of quality or substance.

    • MmmHmm


    • olly_tei

      Shes right in saying that refering to it only as a pop album is misleading. The album is most definitely bi-polar. The pop leaves the dominant taste because of all the genres it has the most songs and take up the entire second half. She should have numbered the tracks in a more cohesive manner as to not sound like 2 seperate albums.

    • MyCooL

      this bitch……. !!! My gif to Nicki

    • LOL

      She needs no know that the only people that got her “concept” and idea with this album is herself and her multiple personalities

      Dress it as you like its WACK! She needs to be grateful that its even being considered ‘Pop’

    • Don’t Be Jealous

      I don’t get the problem with Nicki doing pop. If that shit works for her (and it clearly does) then whats the problem? Nicki does pop and hiphop good or bad so like it or leave it. BLOOP!!

    • JustMe_Andria29

      Nicki needs to sit the fuck down and take her medication. Her album is pop. I’m over the temper tantrums.

    • nilah boo

      I agree Trent. It should have been a double disc as half is hip hop and the other half is pop. I love her but she needs to cool it. She’s only 2 albums (no mixtapes included) deep.

    • Theman

      She needs to learn to be humble. She was fine when everyone kissed her azz. Now that she’s getting called out about her music being pop, she’s bitching. She promoted this album to the pop market with a pop single. The masses will say well her biggest hit is pop. She get annoyed over nothing.

    • black

      I can’t disagree with what she said though! I can see how answering stupid questions made by ignorant folks who have not listened to her CD in it’s entirety but have written volumes about it in their cheap rages can be frustrating and I’m not a Nicki fan!

    • Well considering her image, a Barbie, and then the music follows suit, she’s so delusional

    • cliff

      eh shes stupid !

    • Mhmm.

      @Black the thing is most of us listened to it and we all know that about 8/19 songs are her trying to sing.

    • Mhmm.

      @Black ONLY 8/19 are her rapping and the rest is her trying to sing****

    • jasantiago

      Diddy just signed Nicki’s nemesis aka LoLa Monroe! It’s on and popping!

    • nicki sure does know that album pure pop.

    • Team Breezy

      I’m not over the fact that she said it as a “mixtape feel”, bitch u got people paying 20 dollas for a mixtape? o__0 That’s some stupid hoe shit

    • This bitch is just mad because it’s taken “Roman Reductive” 3 weeks to sell what “PF” did in one and it’s falling down the charts faster than Ciara (no shade) and after all the BS she chatted about it going to outsell “PF” by a ton too lol

      Nicki is not a good artist, she shines as a featured artist but when left to her own devices she just jacks somebody, turns on the auto tuner and starts acting like some pop bitch so what does she expect?! I’ve heard Britney Spears songs that were more hip hop than half of her album and I’m not even joking.

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    • real music supporter

      Lady gaga’s paper gangster was harder than any of that pop mess on Roman Rebloated lol